January - March 2022 Events Schedule: The Kureze Effect



  • I deployed 7 beacons but only 5 have registered?

  • Lol. I doubt it. Don’t you see what’s going on outside their office window, it’s always on the news. It’s a cess pool there. People living on the street, use g the sidewalks as personal toilet, mobs of shoplifters raiding the high end stores. No thanks.

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    @NianticThia Any news on the new [REDACTED] Medal for February Second Sunday? Looking to submit a mission banner in my city and I'd love to reference the name / image in the design..... it's not too far away now

    ETA: Also - it probably warrants its own Section in the Events area of the forum now....

  • 👍👍👍

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    did u interact with all ? just deploy and hack doesnt count.. u need destroy resonators or deploy them atleast...

  • If we whinge and whine like pogoers did will niantic keep all the benefits in place for ingress ??

  • Would be great if the 90 second cool down remained. Was there any specific reason for 5 minutes in the first place?, please listen to the community.

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    U mean hack cooldown? before covid-19 it was standard 5 min cooldown between hacks unless you deployed heatsinks on portals..

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    Just looking at this, I wonder how Kureze will go in Phase 3, and I am also curious about the final event.

    24 March - 4 April: Mark Your Calendar

    - A self-proclaimed member of the Nemesis has reached out to our XM Researchers

    - Researchers are stumped by this contact, but advised that a tiered medal should be offered to Agents who assist related investigations

    Will it be impacted by what happens with Kureze or something outside of it?

  • As described by people at the time, the 5 minute cooldown was intended to make you go to other portals before you hack a portal a second time. Therefore you would be moving instead of just sitting on a bench somewhere.

    Remember that heat-sinks were an after-release addition, and instant reset of cooldown was an "after release of heat sinks" addition to the heat-sink functionality.

    The original game started with the 300 second cooldown to make you move, and they kept reducing that as years went on.

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