Kureze observations

I enjoyed this past weekend, seeing some faces I hadn't seen in a while was nice.

We had an even turnout, 5 RES 5 ENL. We deployed 10 Rare BB and 3 VR BB over the course of an hour.

A few observations...

As a Player deployed BB site one of us (or multiple) needed to deploy the BB either all at once or over the course of time. We had chosn to deploy over the course of an hour.

As needing to do that thst person (me) would have to disengage at certain time periods to deploy a new BB.

Knowing what I know now I would either make some changes to have a smaller play box (it was pretty small to begin with) or would like the ability to remote deploy these items. I'm not sure if this is something @NianticBrian has thought about being able to do but I think it would be helpful for these type of locally run events. I think being able to deploy these on Portals within scanner range would help a lot.

Maybe this could come with a set up process where we could on the Intel map define a region and set a for deploys. This could allow organizers to be involved more fully on the ground. Also, we didn't have this issue but, if we could set these deploys on a schedule then maybe they would be deployed no matter what in that playbox. There was always a risk of somone deploying a beacon or fireworks on a portal we were going to use and thus preventing that deployment. It only takes one person to mess up the fun for others. This could also be accomplished by BB always being able to deploy even if another item may have already been.

I probably would also shorten the time window to 30 to 45 minutes. Tward the end people were already running out of gear. Now I know this is probably more an effect of players not really understanding what was going on. I think many showed up thinking more along the lines of Mission Day or First Saturday where it's more a cross faction social event than a battle. Not sure how to fix this except to promote "Bring Bursters" constantly.

One thing I think Rare BB could do and this could help with the scoring confusion is upon the scoreing activation point (after the 10 min countdown) have the beacon neutralize the portal. Than everyone knows if they have done an action after that, it's counting.

I was not at a Niantic deployed location so can't speak to how it was at those locations, but have heard second hand that the BB were too spread out. People had to move long distances to get the interaction needed to count. So maybe next phase choose a park, or a block or two, instead of a whole anomoly zone. Unless we know that large ammonts of players are showing up like a full anomaly. With Ingress always promoting walking and health in events, agents not feeling like they need to jump in a car and drive all over town is probably a plus.

All in all here in Boise we had a good time. I know what I want to do to make It more fun next month. And hopefully we can get a few more people out.

How was everyone else's player run events? Did you invite the other team?



  • EngrishEngrish ✭✭✭✭

    My opinion is that NIA should have toned down or turned off the effects of other beacons and markers. In Vegas our points were pretty close together but with others using the battleBs as well trying to find things on the scanner started to be a nightmare with the past wins, meet up beacons and fireworks. I was expecting ornaments to appear on the ones being used for NIA scoring but they didn't appear on my scanner.

    Other then that saw a few old players/friends that I haven't seen since before the pandemic and we had good times with meeting new friends and beers!

  • I took part in the Frankfurt event. Didn't encounter a single Ingress agent in the whole 3 hours of the event (only a lonesome PoGo player).

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