Rare battle beacon / Kureze points


It seems there is a bug with RBB, as some of them just doesn't count towards the event, nor counted as your own victory (since it doesn't appears in the ALERT section).

As far as I know, missing hacks doesn't give you victory credits.

Though, it seems that using a jarvis/ada on a RBB while it's in a group of portals that are already in battle, makes all others BB not counting as your own victory/Kureze points, but only the one you flip counts (logic, since you have to re-deploy), EVEN THOUGH I succesfuly hacked 3 times the others in that group of portal during the battle (after the 10 minutes of waiting).

Did I make an error ? Because I was able to make 17 points (with already captured portals) but lost 5 RBB due to that (and 1 due to missing glyphs =w=)

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