Another spoofer is here

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Serious question!

How long should it take to review a spoofer incident:

- a freshly registered account (5 minutes ago)

- creates only blocking links strongly against our BAF

- while moving at a speed of 80 mph

Now it's about 24 hours have passed since the first report. Our local community is worried, is there anybody alive at Niantic?

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PS: instantly closed ticket doesn't count as solved:

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  • Fun and fair, meh.

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  • Where is Sandro when we need him?

  • Seriously though, Nia could have banned the spoofer yesterday, after the first reports. But hey, why? Let's see how many crosslinks can a single spoofer create in 24 hours!

  • @NianticBrian @NianticThia @ace

    Any news or we are being ingnored on purpose?

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    I mean why just don't clarify this issue, say "sorry guys we can't/don't want to/won't fix the spoofer problems, go farm yourselves more ADA"

    Why give us hope?

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    The cheater's account seems to be indeed blocked.

    The philosophical question remains: why we forced to write a forum post (fortunately, this still works) and wait for 33 hours until its ban instead of enjoying the promptness of NIA Ops.

    Wasted time and mood, of course, no one will return. But ADA refactors can be compensated. I think that will keep game fun and fair.

  • Yeah, 17 ADAs already gone

    Because the more you wait the more you will have to waste eventually

  • @Azhreia thank you for everything you do. It seems like you're the only one who cares

  • It wasn't the forum post that got it banned. It was a fast-tracked report by one of your local agents.

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    For sure. I perfectly understand that my request, which was closed in a minute, is not the one.

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    Really 33 hours? We try it with 10 people (RES & ENL) to Stop a spoofer and only one of his 3 Accounts were banned after a Month.

    And we have geotaggt video's. Jumping over riffers. ...........

    The only Thing left is a forum post.

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    Yeah, and we are talking about the obvious spoofer who deploys mods in my couch portal when I am right there and no one is around me ) Lucky us!

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    Also speak of things like this and send also a Video, wich was taken while the attack done.

    Resonators were place in the center so he must be a sign of an other person, but there are not even foodsteps in the snow!

    And yes the Account is still live and is jumping around!

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    PlEaSe KeEp RePoRtInG incoming

  • Danger of repeating myself …. the fight against spoofers cannot be won with the current set-up. And neither nia nor the wider community want to change that. So my recommendation would be to enjoy the game in all its variety and focus on the aspects that are less or not influenced by spoofers. The spoofers are destined to win the fight.

  • I can agree on this topic about spoofers. In a city near mine, there is an account hovering at one portal for over a half year now. And also since yesterday a account that took a portal on a military base. I know Niantic just seems not to care about this all... The more accounts appear the better, I've heard. This half year living spoof account has been reported a lot, but it doesn't seem to help anyway. I've also reported a lot of this myself, but still the same, boring response and this is getting really frustrating. Why is this so hard, to ban these accounts?

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    I miss the time that helpful Sandro was banning cheaters and players who violated COMM rules harshly and efficiently.

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    Seems it's banned very fast after the post this time and thus only "it's not the post it's the report that work" came. Cheers.

  • Spoofers are getting smarter and more annoying.

    Instead of getting banned 😢

  • считаю, отлично продемонстрирован тезис "а что вы мне сделаете?! ". Демонстративное игнорирование возможностей перемещения по местности любым способом, кроме вертолет Ми-8

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    16:53:08   <yahuidza>   deployed a Resonator on культурный центр МОСКВИЧ. Cultural Center MOSKVICH

    16:53:42   <yahuidza>   deployed a Resonator on Шарики

    Of course, one cannot go through the fence in 40 seconds. But will any wall stop the spoofer?!


    Meanwhile, 12 hours have passed since the first report, and no answer.

    @NianticBrian @NianticThia

    @NianticFumi (sorry for tagging, but for some reason your colleagues do not answer here)

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