Android Q Bans

The recent AMA indicated that all Android Q bans had been resolved. There's a player in my local community who is still banned as an result of using Android Q. What is the proper procedure for correcting this situation?


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  • Please fix this!

  • gjcgjc ✭✭

    Would hate to lose a dedicated local agent over something like this. Not clear why it hasn't been resolved, ever after Niantic confirmed he's not under any ban and he's completely reinstalled the software on a non-Q version. Has to be a server-side problem at this point.

  • What is the Agent name?

    Given the changes in Android Q there's unfortunately nothing we are able to do proactively because of the changes in Android Q that conflict with Redacted, aside from trying to inform users that a ban will result if using Redacted on Android Q.

  • Hi, @NianticScot This is about me. I'll respond to my specific issues in the other thread.

  • @NianticScot the agent in question is ibateau

  • Sorry for butting in! My bad. We have more than one agent with issues, and I am one.

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