Missing Drone MkIII Code

Apologies if there is already a thread for this, I did have a scan through

I was lucky enough to be able to purchase 2 of the Dronenet MKIII packs. I didn’t use my Ingress/Google log-in as I was trying to be quick so not to miss out before they sold out

I used my hotmail account which made it possible to checkout using my preferred payment method as ‘guest’

I received the e-mail explaining the error with the codes at 17:09pm (GMT) on Saturday which said the codes would be received via a second e-mail within 48 hours which I know from Telegram chats a lot of Agents received. I’m still yet to receive my codes however and it seems there has not been a second batch of e-mails sent

When should I expect to receive my codes as I’m growing more and more concerned now. I have constantly been checking my inbox and my junk folder but no luck

Thank you in advance. I can send my order number and the e-mail address/postal address in a private message should they be needed




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