Ingress Prime v. 2.26 Release Notes



  • MoogModularMoogModular ✭✭✭✭✭

    It was released during a holiday. The pushout was not due to them and if you read any of the above comments by NIA you would understand instead of nitpicking. Then again, your initial comment was just as bad with trying to compare any kind of mobile programming to BASIC which doesn't apply to the situation at hand.

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    What isn't helping is getting up at 3am, and on my return home, while smashing and rebuilding, having the whole thing freeze meaning a minute before I can do anything again, when all I really want to do is relax. Perhaps next time that's what I'll do by uninstalling the buggy pile of cack and going back to Redacted.

    The thing is, now I'm used to it, I actually prefer the UI to Redacted (when it's working), but the bugs are driving me to distraction.

  • I think you are right: I'm sure I can't appreciate how frustrating it is. Unfortunately these are not easy problems to solve, especially on the wide variety of different phones out there. On some, loading time between the two apps is very similar. On others, not so. We've recently made what I experience as significant improvements to the loading time and in my commute I don't experience the app freezing. Can you share what device & OS you are on? How long does it take between the two apps from start to when you are on the map?

    The team is doing its best to respond where we can. There is a huge amount of communication that is taking place here (which is really good) but our hope is that the community can help each other as Niantic won't be able to respond to every question or post. AMAs are a good option, for example, to raise visibility for issues. I'm sorry you feel frustrated about this and feel that we are not responsive enough for you. We are trying to strike a good balance between communicating and getting to work fixing bugs. I would love to (and could easily) spend all day in the Community but then I wouldn't be able to do any other work.

  • That's the tradeoff. We won't be able to fix all bugs immediately but the team is working really hard to do so. What you can do to help us is provide more information about the problem you are running into. Without reproduction steps we are very unlikely to start working on a particular issue, especially compared to issues we can reproduce. For example, does it always happen after a certain set of actions? Knowing your device and OS and the version of Ingress are also important.

  • The difference I noticed and liked, was the speed to find the location, the previous version took almost a minute to find, now is the time.

    Ps: google translate

  • PonderPonder ✭✭✭

    From earlier in this thread:: "Still freezing for me too. Always been a problem since I got this phone (OnePlus 6T)."

    Stock OxygenOS 9.0.14 (Android 9), and no slouch. Its the 8GB version, so no shortage of memory.

    Loading times - Redacted: 9s. Prime: 38s (over 4 times longer).

  • The Tutorial start in the New Version

    I am Level 4


  • jimsugjimsug ✭✭

    @NianticScot are you able to confirm whether this version will work on beta versions of android q? I understand that beta versions are not supported but it's rumoured to be approaching quite soon and when it's stable I'd expect ingress to work with it.

    And yes, I'd quite like to be able to upgrade to the beta, of course 😉

  • I can't confirm as I'm not testing it but annecdotally I've heard people are able to use it. I'd suggest waiting until 2.27.

  • PonderPonder ✭✭✭
    edited July 2019

    New record in app freezing solid. Open app, glyph hack one portal, open inventory, select keys, go to last, scroll back to find one to recharge, hit recharge... end of sports. Less than a minute of uptime. Just after a phone reboot too.

  • GrogyanGrogyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    This past weekend, I had 3 hard crashes

    1 from nominating a portal caused the app to freeze.

    2 from general hacking whilst on a bus loop around my city for the Myriad hack challenge.

    Likely we will see 2.27.x this week?

  • PonderPonder ✭✭✭

    I've given in and returned to using Redacted. 3 lockups in a half hour of rebuilding is well over the top. Still not even been acknowledged despite asking what device I use. If this isn't fixed by the time Redacted is withdrawn, I may have to withdraw too. It's just too frustrating.

  • PonderPonder ✭✭✭

    I'm just back from a little experiment. Over an hour without a lockup, because I didn't touch the keys selection (I'm an obsessive recharger normally). So maybe that errant sort routine is the cause of this, most frustrating, problem!

  • starwortstarwort ✭✭✭✭✭

    Remote recharging (which I do a lot) seems to be the cause of a lot of ills in Ingress Prime. Probably those players who don't recharge much have a lot better time with it. I tend to think the duff sorting is a symptom rather than a cause.

  • PonderPonder ✭✭✭

    Cause or symptom, the freezing issue is looking more and more like something to do with the key inventory. Another 90 minutes of activity today with no freezing. No key inventory use.

  • I've been having issues with the game locking up when starting the app on the move. The screen goes black, phone kinda locks up, takes 2 power button presses to bring the phone to life while it stutters a bit. Galaxy S10+

  • Version 2.26 crashes after 2 seconds when you open a terminated agent profile. iPhone X latest iOS

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