Kureze Effect - the Formation / Phase 1



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    For example, if an Agent interacted with 3 Battle Beacons deployed by XM Sensitive Agents during Phase 1 and interacted with 7 NIA-deployed Battle Beacons during Phase 2, they will receive the Kureze Effect Medal by the end of Phase 2.

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    The first chunk of bullet points is about the portals Niantic will deploy Beacons on during the three hour window. The final bullet point stands apart from all that:

    "XM Sensitive Agents may subconsciously identify Portals under the influence of the Kureze Effect and take action to deploy any Battle Beacon on those Portals…"

    If we ignore the jargon, that sounds to me a lot like, "Agents may pick portals and deploy any Battle Beacon…", which makes sense if Niantic doesn't want anyone to feel like they're going to miss out on the individual medal, especially with potential unwillingness or inability to travel.

  • Sorry! Yes, I agree, you can get the medal for interacting with Battle Beacons that you didn't deploy.

    What I am not sure of is whether or not that counts for any Battle Beacon deployed anywhere. Relevant text:

    Several dozen cities will be deeply affected by Phase 1 of the Kureze Effect...

    Over a three-hour period in each city ... certain Portals will become extremely unstable due to the Kureze Effect.

    XM Sensitive Agents may subconsciously identify Portals under the influence of the Kureze Effect and take action to deploy any Battle Beacon on those Portals between Saturday, 22 January 2022 1100 UTC and Monday, 24 January 2022 1100 UTC...

    So: will there be portals outside the several dozen cities which are likewise affected by the Kureze Effect for the purposes of that last line?

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    What Kureze has explained about the "single pixel on the TV screen" is the multiverse theory. Looks like time to bump my old topic about it in the Investigation forum

  • Yay for events. While I would love an analomy right now. I also understand why that can't happen in most areas. Would special agents mean recursed agent. Or maybe agents who attended the mega analomy in Chicago. Who did the special mission which was supposed to give us a special mission at a later date be special agents? Both recursed agents and agents who did the special mission have been waiting for something extra.

  • In Indonesia?

  • So is this really any different than those old mish days after the anomaly? Hack 10 portals with battle drones, get badge? Just with less missions.

  • Thanks for the event! Looking forward to it!

  • QQ:

    1. Can i just deploy 10 RBB for a badge assuming i do an action to make it count?

    2. Will the badge be tiered?

  • Question:

    Will there be BOGO for rare battle beacons?

  • iFrankmansiFrankmans ✭✭✭✭

    Will recharging a portal with NIASection14 installed beacons count for interacting with the beacon?

  • @NianticOfficial Is the Nemesis sequence still valid?


  • Advance travel tickets. If you book further in advance for trains, planes, buses, you get discounts.

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    so this is an anomaly not a special event ?

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    Will there be additional types of Battle Beacons in the future for other types of competitions like highest number of links to the portal, highest number of fields covering the portal, and longest link path that includes the portal?

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    Recursed maybe? Or a CORE subscriber? ((Agents with Paragon medal? /s))

  • Is it possible to get media from portal hacking on portals that have been installed with Battle Beacons?

    will there be a little investigation in this event.? (puzzles to solve.?)

    does it have anything to do with the media of manuscripts 1 to 4 (M.A.N.I.A).?

    1. Which action is counted as "interacted"?
    2. Can I know battle category after the end of the battle?
  • ArkFangArkFang ✭✭✭✭✭
    1. I think I anything that affects the portal, minus maybe remote recharge. Attack, deploy, mod all count I believe.
    2. CAT (I-VI) and Winning Team are displayed in Activities Comm as well as verbally announced in the scanner (for the VR BBs at least) after the final round.
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    That part about XM sensitive agent intrigues me.

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    The slick way to do this would be to get a few players on each side to meet up at a high portal density area. If you had 10 players, each would put 1 Battle Beacon down, everybody goes nuts for 20 minutes and . . . everybody is just done with the event and has a medal.

    Simple, quick, cheap, and easy.

  • As we speak, I'm ready to see the first phase of Kureze Effect on Ingress events!!!

    Cause I had enough for those capsules or all XM weapons stuff!! But, I see about the Battle of Beacons to use the time clocks!!! And once the resistance needs to see the score, we will receive the new medals!!

    And for that, the COVID-19 pandemic will be gone for this spring!!! And soon, everything is back to normal!!!

  • Hello, everyone! Hope you guys and your families are safe!

    Is it possible to understand that the "interactions" with a portal affected by the battle beacon are limited?

    For example: Once the ressonator and mod slots are full, that portal is no longer "interactable"? Or do you believe that hacking, destroying ressonators are counted as interactions?

    I know that is not yet clear with the info that we were handed, but I would like to hear what you guys believe!

    Thanks and best wishes to everyone, stay safe, always!

  • Si alguien puede redirigirme a algún post donde sea más adecuando pero agradecería que volvieran a abrir un lapso de tiempo para comprar la medalla del año 2022. Por favor y gracias

  • fk this sht, im a core player for a long time now but havent recursed yet SO IM NOT GETTING A BATTLE BEACON... this is a huge discrimination not even shure its legal to officialy sell the same product for the same price to 2 different ppl and give one client less because some " condition" .. so I DEMEND my 8 battle beacons for my 8 month CORE subscription

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