January - March 2022 Events Schedule: The Kureze Effect



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    A side story.

    In terms of rules changes, before COVID-19, the quantum capsule (MUFG capsule) stopped increasing the number of very rare items in the middle of the game.

    I understand that this was a measure to correct the imbalance in the game.

    However, I also believe that this change itself was not that significant, except for the Very Rare Link Amp.

    And the fact is that even the Very Rare Link Amp, which you can't get in hack, is an unnecessary item in normal field games.

    Instead, perhaps the portal keys that can be obtained from portals, which form the basis of Ingress, should have been limited in their proliferation.

    I too benefited from the proliferation of portal keys.

    However, it is also true that this has changed the game balance very much.

    Portal keys in key locations are heavier than 500 Aegis_Shields, for example.

    Well, this is just an aside to give an example, but I hope that players and Niantic will talk more and more to make the Ingress we play a truly engaging game.

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    Heat sinks can still be used though, I used one yesterday, a vr heat sink because i was sitting at a portal hacking before going to pick someone up, yeah they ought not be as needed at farms, but if you're needing ti be quick, they are still useful. Faster gameplay, less waiting around doing nothing, will always be the majority of players main choice. If yhe argument is one item loses its usefulness, then that item could be altered, for example, maybe the heat sink, as well as making the next hack instant, could increase the odds of the rarity of heat sink you've used come out (so common would give common mods a higher chance, useful for putting on am opposing players home portal and flipping, rare gets rare mods, vr gets vr mods a boost of like 2%)

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    do we know the exact start time for :

    13-15 February: “Link to Your Heart” (#IngressValentines)

    • Links shorter than 10km in length can be created under Fields
    • Portal hacks yield more SoftBank Ultra Link output
    • SoftBank Ultra Link Programs take less Kinetic energy distance to complete
    • Pay special attention to your Glyph hacks

    or estimate?

  • ToxoplasmollyToxoplasmolly ✭✭✭✭✭

    Niantic will probably announce more details, such as the start time, closer to the event. I'd expect the start time to be around the same time as their other events.

  • MoogModularMoogModular ✭✭✭✭✭

    My bet is on Helvetica given he's the cynic of the group and he wanted to warn the Osiris NIA researchers about the effects of re-tuning the Tessellation.

  • the best idea for the last year is to return the game to its original state .. many people will learn to plan, think about installing the portal and use hack modes .. ingress is not about speed and dynamics, it's chess in a different form.

    everyone still talking about covid and lockdown, no one is locked nonstop at home, there is always the opportunity to go somewhere and play along the way.

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    I agree, back to the original i mean 2 years soon with double r7 and 90sec cooldowns is way too long and OP since it makes heatsinks lose its value when all portals have a low cooldown so whats the strategy in that.... not much if u ask me.

  • Hello,

    Going back to the original 5min is going to be difficult to most players and will discourage many. Maybe slowly increasing it is a solution ? Start with 2,5 minutes, then 4 and finally 5 a few weeks/months later.

    Going back to a unique r7 per agent bothers me less as it will create more teamwork for agents in crowded areas. But it will definitely be more difficult for agents in the countryside.

  • KarM3LKarM3L ✭✭✭✭

    Sounds like that is exactly what is planned

    *going up from* ,,,,,

  • « Going up from » could mean anything... I hope they do it progressively but they could also do it instantaneously.

    I’m sure they’ll give us more details later

  • KarM3LKarM3L ✭✭✭✭

    Sure, they could of made thr same vague statement with recharge, but they did't,

    If they wanted to be specific with cooldown they would be....

  • Lo mejor seria realizar eventos de alcance mundial que todos tengan la misma oportunidad ya que a veces solo hay eventos en ciertas ciudades para unos cuantos. y claro seria ideal tener acceso a viejas medallas seria icónico así como nuevas. Y dejen la recarga con 65 AP da mas valor a la medalla.

  • Revert cooldown between hack to 5 mins is horrible.

  • I think we can find a compromise in the two. I think it should favor the old way and my base suggestion is once per day per portal you can hack add or upgrade a resonator then instantly hack again. Encourage portal growth to gain an advantage on portals you frequently visit but limited on how often you can do that.

  • KarM3LKarM3L ✭✭✭✭

    I think we should just wait until we know what they are proposing, before **** plans down.....

  • Will there be some medals during Jan-March in the shop?

  • A troca da medalha do dia da missao .A antiga vai continuar contando? Ni caso a que esta atualmente?

  • MirthmakerMirthmaker ✭✭✭✭

    Under 90 sec VR multihack + sink equals hack, ten count, hack again rinse wash repeat until you burn out portal. Would it be overpowered to turn cool down to something that glyph hack until burnout is possible with no downtime?

  • What about Kureze P1? Link is broken

  • Creo que deberían dejar los cambios temporales en definitivos, la comunidad de Ingress se los agradecera, no hagan oídos sordos

  • I hope all of these pandemic changes are reverted asap. It is much more fun to play when actions require proper effort instead of this easy mode. To everyone complaining about the 300s cooldown, you have plenty of time to sit on your couch portals. And the 15 minutes it takes to burn down a portal without multihacks is not too slow for anyone, invest the wait periods to observing the world aroune you.

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    Thanks Niantic for the roadmap. This kind of communication is immensely appreciated. Some nice events and good changes in the pipelines.

    But, and I know it has been suggested by a lot of people in this thread already, but if you reconsider getting rid of the 90 second cool down, please don't put this back up to the 5 minutes again. A 150 second cooldown might work.

    I have noticed that the reduced hacktime has increased fielding and actually being able to get some keys to portals without really having to break a good walk by having to sit somewhere for 15 minutes.

    And due to the keys being in supply, the destroyers can have their fun as well. It has increased enjoyment in gameplay a lot.

    The other temporary changes should be good to be phased out (gently)

  • I like these changes, so only one L7 per Agent will be the first change? At what date?

  • KarM3LKarM3L ✭✭✭✭

    Noone knows what order, maybe a 10minute cooldown first /s

  • 5 MINUTES?! O.o

    December-february we have winter here with freezing temperatures. Do not expect me to wait for 5-10-15mins for a virtual game. 2mins cooldown is already enuff of a challenge sometimes. I'm the only active resistance agent in my city with several enlightenment agents. So there's only so much blue as I can make until it's viped off.

    If there will be 5 mins cooldown in winter time, I'll find a better and healthier hobby that won't freeze my fingers and nose off.

  • KarM3LKarM3L ✭✭✭✭

    The game was perfectly fine at 5min before, agents will either adapt or leave......

  • InvestigateXMInvestigateXM ✭✭✭✭✭

    The game was perfectly fine at 5min before, agents will either adapt or leave......

    Which is exactly what we don't want.

  • Heat sinks are super useful even today. I have never enough of them. I use green ones to quickly hack again if the first attempt to get keys failed. And the very rare heat sinks are necessity to quickly farm during lunch time.

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