Sending invite via COMM

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Sample COMM chat --> sender: hello @-tagged_agentname

  1. When tapping on "sender", the "Send an Invite" appears; however
  2. When tapping on @-tagged_agentname, the "Send an Invite" does not appear. It is stuck in "Send Niantic Social DM". EDIT: greyed out

EDIT: additional info.

  • If an invite was already sent, tapping on "sender" will show "Invited to Niantic Social", however
  • If @-tagged_agentname is used, the "Invited to Niantic Social" does not appear, it's stuck with the greyed out "Send Niantic Social DM".


  1. Go to COMMs
  2. Send a chat: @-Apple sending invite. It appears as "YourName: Apple sending invite"
  3. Tap on "Apple". Currently stuck with a greyed out "Send Niantic Social DM".

Workaround for now, at least as far as sending invites via COMMs, is to ask them to post in COMM so you can tap on the "sender" name.

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