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Is there a way to dispute a rejected mission submissions?

I would like to have some insight into how I can convince Niantic that the photo I am using on a Mission is OK to use. I get photos from which has free and unrestricted distribution. They encourage, but do not require, acknowledging the photographer. My first submission included the photograher credit and Niantic rejected it because it contained a name. Second submission did not include the photographer credit and was rejected because of "Use of an image or text that isn't yours or that you don't have rights to use".

Attempting to help Niantic identify the source of the photo I included the reference to in several different formats. ("UnSplash", "" and even "UnSplash(dot)com") All were rejected!



  • Thank you for reaching out, @BountyHunter23! Please reach out to us via in-app support. We'll take a closer look into this.

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    @NianticVK, I have experienced the same problem and as per your advice, I tried to ask via in-app support but I could not find the proper category. In my opinion, the feedback on the product was the appropriate category. However, once I selected this, Remy answered " please visit ingress community forum." The loop has begun. Which category shall I use to appeal the rejected mission about the license of image/photo? Please be advised me.

    Anyway, is there any plan to upgrade mission creating tool? If so, how about adding mandatory submission of license or source of image and photo while uploading. At this moment, I receive 12 rejected emails again but 50 missions were passed using parts of the same images under a government open license. What makes this difference?

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  • Try to Insert text or picture (faction logo) maybe can help you for making mission

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    Please choose another option other than 'Report a Bug' and you will be able to start a new conversation with one of our reps.

    Also, we do not have any information about the Mission Creator Tool currently. Stay tuned on the forum and keep a tab on our websites for more info.


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    Missions don’t create data they can sell elsewhere, so I’m guessing it’s a low priority. I mean, it’s obvious it’s been a low priority for quite awhile.

    Portal scanning, waypoint nominations and adventure sync all create data that can be used/sold. That’s why they’re at the top of the list. We’ve been scanning portals for nearly two years without any sign of it being introduced into the game. Need moar data plzzzzz

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