Remote Portal Submission Location resets to current location on iPhone 13 Pro Max



  • For me it has not updated. Showing 5 discovered, should be 37. Those 5 are accepted between 26th Oct and 9th Nov while everything was working. Week shows 0 as nothing has been counted since 10th Nov or so.

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    Support is clueless. What is the bug report part of the forums for if not for this exactly. The information required is already here, why the heck would we have to jump through more hoops just to get it on Niantic's radar? Crazy.

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    iOS 15.1.1 on IP12 Pro. I tried it with 10-15 ft distance. The marker is always reset to an alleged gps position of the scanner. At times an agent would literally need to climb the POI to have the submission marker placed correctly. I second @MidnyteFM claim that this is a bug.

    Switching between the sat view and the map view is also bugged as mentioned in the original post.

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  • It's called "passing the buck". There's clearly a bug where data from lightship does not increment the portals discovered stat when the POI are synced. Support is only authorized to give canned responses and maybe alert someone above them, everyone else above them can just defer to support and continue to ignore the forums and not even acknowledge that the issue exists.

  • @NianticThia

    is anyone doing anything?

    The sensible thing is to stop submitting and reviewing as I don’t know what will happen and if I will get credit.

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    Yeah, but it’s being reported here and niantic staff refers the agent back to support. It makes no sense to me.

    It’s like being robbed in front of a police officer, who tells you to go to the police station and ignores you completely.

  • iOS 15 updater here also with same issue, had to withdraw 4 submissions as they were moved to my location.

  • FYI @NianticVK

    IP8 running iOS 14.8.1 hasn't got this problem. Please flag the problem for your programmers, it most likely concerns iOS 15. Thank you for your time and help to make this game fun for all of us.

  • On November 16 I had pointed out (in a support chat) that the counter of the portals requested and then opened had not been updated.

    On that day I realized that I hadn't scored two (I was at 329 before and still am now).

    Since 11 days have passed since November 16th, I doubt this is a matter of delayed synchronization.

    I keep track of my requests to open new portals since I started playing (March 2014) and in the count I kept I should have 332 portals open (329 marked in the ingress statistics and 331 with the addition of the two with surely counted last November 16).

    Looking instead in the wayfarer profile I would have 382 requests accepted (for many of those not marked in the ingress I was told that they were too close to other existing portals).

    Is it possible to have clarity of these data?

  • I checked in Pokemon GO, same hard- and software. It works ok, no marker resetting when I walk away from the pointer set position.

  • You are correct, they are not counted since the Lightship integration. This is already beind discussed in here:

  • Tried this on my iPhone too, and you're right - no issues at all there (except for PoGo having a noticeably smaller radius). I also have a spare Samsung A20 that I use for work trips, so I downloaded Ingress to it and attempted a submission, and also had no issue with the marker resetting itself within 25km. So this seems to be an issue with the latest Ingress build on iOS only.

  • An update, i submitted a video to the support via the app, the video was around 30 seconds long where i tried to drag the location away a few KM and once clicked okay, it snapped back to the present location, i did it twice. The response from support was the usual one where they said i moved it more than 25 KM. Its really hard to submit anything using Ingress now, Pokemon go submission is working fine though.

  • Good afternoon! I am faced with the problem of accepting my applications for adding portals. When sending applications, I receive a response for approval in the mail in acceptance, after a few days the portal itself and the key to it (+1000 AP) appear, but the statistics of "Portal Discovered" do not display (I have more than ten such accepted portals). I ask for help with solving this fact of the problem.

  • Let me emphasize the fact tht I am talking metres no kilometres here. With iPhone 12 PRO running iOS 15.1.1 you can’t place the marker on the other side of the street because it gets reset. I tried 10-15 metres from my physical position and it got reset each and every time.

  • @NianticThia

    I have the same issue.

    Got emails about approved portals -> few days of delay in receiving the key, and no update on the 'discoverer' stat.

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    The same issue for me.

    Getting emails about approved portals, few days later receiving the keys and no update on the 'discoverer' stat.

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    So i provided documentation to remy, but still no update.. do we have an eta for the fix? @NianticBrian @NianticThia

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    I have been getting keys but no AP or credit under portals discovered for the last nine portals approved by wayfarer. I have 29 red flags on nomination management tab but only credited for 20 in game. Please fix. The portals have appeared in ingress.

  • Also. The request to reach out to in Sparta support is a great idea. But it sends us not to assistance but to this message board!

  • I have experienced this as well. Using Ingress to remotely submit about 1-2km away, the pin snaps back to my current location. I wasted a submission and had to withdraw it before I noticed the bug first time. On the same phone I used Go to remote submit and worked correctly.

    iPhone 12 Pro Max iOs 15.1.1

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    I have the same bug. For a remote submissions of 8 km, I noticed that the location marker goes back to current location, as shown on the map, on the review screen before getting to the supporting information screen when nominating. I tried a few times but it shows back at the current location on the map ever time. This should be able to be done remotely since 8 km is less than 25 km, but the marker goes back to current location.

    I also experienced that I cannot switch back from Map to Satellite view on the location screen when nominating.

    iPhone SE (2020) iOs 15.1.1

    Please fix this soon.

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    I checked my mailbox

    In November, I have 18 portals accepted and I received the portal keys as prospected.

    However, In the agent stats. My weekly portal discovered showed 0 and monthly portal discovered showed only 1.

    I'm not sure if this issue is due to the lightship system.

    I need the stats fixed because I'm working on 1K portal discovered and this truly bothered me a lot.

    Thanks for your time investigating and solving this issue.


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  • I know of at least two prolific and excellent submitters who also used to do a lot of reviewing who have simply stopped submitting because of this bug. Can we please just get some of kind of acknowledgment here?

  • +1

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    @NianticBrian @NianticThia and this is what you call "better communication"?? If you want your playerbase to treat you with respect, how about treating your (paying) customers with respect first instead of ignoring them like this? God dammit... Time flies nothing changes

  • Is there anyone out there that is actually getting the the credit added to the portals discovered?




    is anyone doing anything about this issue?

    Is it recognised?

    Is it being investigated?

    It is the only tangible recognition I have for my efforts of finding, researching submitting and because of where I live working for upgrades.

    it is really disrespectful just to ignore the issue.

  • Thanks !

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