[Chatter] What Portal do you feel best represents your town/country?



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    1. Umeå, Sweden
    2. https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=63.825567,20.266353&z=16&pll=63.825523,20.263315
    3. This is not the most famous spot or sculpture in the city but it capture the very soul of the city and its inhabitats, as the citizen in Umeå have a long tradition to rise up against all kinds of oppression and to make their voice heard. "Listen" ( or The MeToo-puma as people often cal it) by Camilla Akraka from 2019 is the worlds first Metoo-monument and is dedicated to those who together broke the silence in connection with the metoo movement. The monument is located at the main squere in the center of the city.
    4. By some reason I don't know I'm not able to upload any photo!
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    If ihad to pick one, it should be...

    1. Schoten, Belgium

    2. https://intel.ingress.com/?ll=51.244796,4.489176&z=17&pll=51.244796,4.489176

    3. The first mention of the Hof van Schoten (as a farm) dates back to 1232. The building was bought by the municipal council of Schoten in 1950 and in 1955 it was converted into a cultural center.

    Or so far for history. What came next... #Niantic, getting people outside, bringing people together. This park with its Castle was the spot to be where people met eachother and still is. Friendships were forged. Where a game created a community beyond borders, nations and countries. And continues to do so even beyond dreadfull pandemic.

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    I'm going to break the rules now. I don't live there, have never lived there, but it's soooo close that it's always on local players' minds.

    1. Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
    2. Most people would say something AT the Falls, something representative of the Niagara Falls themselves, like "Journey Behind The Falls" https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=43.078981,-79.077637&z=17&pll=43.079167,-79.078185 ; or something at the tourist trap on Clifton Hill, like the "Niagara Sky Wheel" https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=43.09077,-79.074215&z=17&pll=43.090926,-79.075428 ; or maybe even some of the most memorable moments from Marilyn Monroe's 1953 movie "Niagara" at the carillion "Canadian Border Gate at Rainbow Bridge" https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=43.09077,-79.074215&z=17&pll=43.091795,-79.069986 ; But NO, I'm going to send you to one of the mainstays of Niagara Falls culture, "Flying Saucer Restaurant" https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=43.088741,-79.108246&z=17&pll=43.088761,-79.108199
    3. Once you've visited the gorgeous Falls themselves, and once you've partook of the myriad attractions on Clifton Hill, the culture in Niagara Falls still has so much to offer. True, a lot of that culture is influenced by the carnival atmosphere created by the local tourism industry. But there is also so much heart in the community here. Possibly nowhere in the city represents both sides of that than here at the Flying Saucer, in the middle of the off-Clifton Hill district on Lundy's Lane.

    Of course, once you've done all the "normal" touristy things, do also go for some of those adventurous hikes https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=43.128853,-79.058615&z=17&pll=43.130132,-79.057933 which are especially gorgeous (pun intended) in the autumn with all the fall colours. Visit the nearby Niagara-on-the-Lake, site of Canada's first parliament https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=43.255635,-79.069036&z=17&pll=43.255744,-79.069837 ; go on some of the many wine tours (I'll let you find your own route) ; remember our history from the 1812 war https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=43.160134,-79.053041&z=17&pll=43.160131,-79.053145 and https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=43.164275,-79.055328&z=17&pll=43.164333,-79.054666 ; and I'd personally like to treat you to one of the longest and most varied hiking trails you'll find in Ontario, the Bruce Trail which starts here https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=43.158562,-79.053721&z=17&pll=43.158055,-79.051388

    1. Las Vegas, NV
    2. Myth Venus 2006 - https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=36.155189,-115.331171&z=19&pll=36.155116,-115.331382
    3. It is 120x90x79 inches and is a painted bronze sculpture. It is said to display a preoccupation with the mutability of the body and the dualism that define human life; spiritual and physical, surface and depth, cerebral and ****. The sculpture is also said to be a mirror of the desire for perfection, for the impossible as gods and goddesses were in another Era.

    I think the themes of the art relate substantially to the appeal and the defects of life in Las Vegas. 

  • 1:東京都八王子市

    Hachioji-si Tokyo Japan


    Kinu no mai(silk dance)



    Our city, Hachioji, is home to the Michelin-starred Mount Takao. Hachioji Station is located in the center of the city. As soon as you get off the station, this monument is the first thing that jumps out at you. In the past, there was a monument in front of the station that symbolized Hachioji, "Hachioji of Textile". However, with the redevelopment of the station, the current "Kinu no mai(Silk Dance)" took over the monument. Hachioji is said to be a city of textiles, and sericulture and weaving have been flourishing in the city since ancient times. The city overcame several hardships to become what it is today.

  • 1.Huancayo, Perú

    2. Iglesia Matriz de Huancayo https://intel.ingress.com/?ll=-12.067675,-75.209919&z=18&pll=-12.067675,-75.209919

    3. Aunque en la actualidad es conocida como La Iglesia Matriz de Huancayo, su denominación real es "Basilica Catedral de la Santisima Trinidad de Huancayo" esta iglesia fue construida en el siglo XIX cuyo terreno lo sedieron vecinos notables de la ciudad, en la actualidad es la principal iglesia de la ciudad de Huancayo, ubicada en el centro de la ciudad, es el principal centro ceremonial de matrimonios, bautizos, confirmacion, llegada del señor de los milagros y fiestas patronales, casi toda actvidad religiosa gira al rededor de esta magestuasa iglesia. Si eres visitante sera una de las primeras iglesias que veas, al estar ubicada en el centro de la ciudad y a un la principal plaza de Huancayo "La Plaza Constitución" corazon de toda actividad comercial y turistica del Valle del Mataro

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    1. Bejaïa, Algérie

    2. The Pic of M-o-n-k-e-y https://intel.ingress.com/?pll=36.769448,5.096343

    (forced to put - because the forum doesn't like the word is put *)

    3. This is my hometown. I loved going up there, it's a mountain where monkeys will come with you, they are used to humanity (but be careful with your business ^^). You can drink tea at the top, with a wonderful view of the sea and Europe! Unfortunately, a big fire destroy the park (The Pic of M-o-n-k-e-y is part of the Gouraya Park) , but nature is slowly coming back.

    Here are some pictures

  • 1. Banbury, UK

    2. A Fine Lady Upon A White Horse 


    3. Although the town has many notable buildings, this statue represents the nursery rhyme for which the town is most famous for and has the lyrics inscribed around the base;

    "Ride a c**" horse to Banbury Cross,

    To see a fine lady upon a white horse,

    With rings on her fingers and bells on her toes,

    She will have music wherever she goes"


    The statue is placed opposite the current 19th century cross. The town originally had three crosses in medieval times when the rhyme originated. There is a also a mosaic in the town representing the site of the original cross.

  • For a while, back in the late 2000s I lived in Leiden, the Netherlands. Which is about half an hour south from Amsterdam

    And rather than going for the best representation, I go for the best story. A themed story, it is thanksgiving after all.

    Did you know that the Pilgrims, before they moved to the Americas, were living in Leiden?

    Yes, that's right! They moved to Leiden around 1607/1608 and stayed there for about a decade. But, they saw that their children were slowly becoming Dutch, and since that's for some reason not something they wanted, they left for America.

    Now, it's not front and center, but if you look closely, you can spot a few portals that show us how they left their marks around Leiden.

    So the portal in question is: Pilgrim Museum

    Happy thanksgiving!

  • 🥰

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    1. Grenoble, France
    2. Mémorial national des troupes de montagne https://intel.ingress.com/?pll=45.203929,5.724261
    3. This portal is located on the closest hill, from which you can see the whole city. It's also dedicated to all the victims of the mountains in the army, a very important aspect of the local culture, both because our local history and because the army is in charge of rescuing hikers, mountaineers, mountain bikers, climbers and every people who might be in trouble on a mountain
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    1.Custódio, Quixadá-CE, Brasil

    2.Eu Amo Custódio


    3.Esta é uma escultura que representa o distrito, para quem quer que passe pelo local.

  • 1. 日本,愛媛県大洲市(Ozu,Ehime,Japan)

    2. 大洲城(Ozu Castle) https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=33.508995,132.541781&z=18&pll=33.509501,132.541181

    3. It is a castle in the center of Ozu city, and I recommended it because it is a building that symbolizes Ozu city.

    The castle tower of Ozu Castle, which had existed since the Edo period, was demolished in 1888 AD. The current castle tower was restored in 2004 with a wooden structure faithfully to the historical facts based on historical materials.

    It took 10 years to restore the castle tower. 




    1. La Vall d'Uixó, Castellón, Comunidad Valenciana, España
    2. **** Coves De Sant Josep https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=39.823293,-0.2542&z=16&pll=39.824393,-0.25272
    3. It is the longest navigable river in Europe, you can go by boat and there are cave paintings inside
  • City: Howrah, India

    Name and Intel Link:

    Rabindra Setu (https://intel.ingress.com/?ll=22.584135,88.349477&z=17&pll=22.584135,88.349477)

    Reason behind it being iconic:

    Named after the Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore, it has unique architecture; it is the oldest and 6th longest Cantilever bridge in the whole world. This bridge connects the twin cities Howrah and Kolkata over the holy river of Ganges.

  • 1 Tlaquepaque, Jalisco México.


    Tenía 4 años la primera vez que mis padres nos llevaron a escuchar mariachi, y no hay mejor lugar que este, en El Parián de Tlaquepaque. Aquel día fue tran impresionante que 40 años después no lo he olvidado, una gran fiesta de domingo por la tarde

  • Świnoujście/Polska

    Stawa Młyny - znak nawigacyjny powstał w XIX wieku. Centralnie wychodzący ponad 1400 metrów w głąb morza Bałtyckiego (najdłuższy falochron kamienny w Europie) Logo miasta Świnoujście i atrakcją turystyczna.

  • The Litle Murmade in Coprnhagen. Langelinie

  • I also have a 18 mission banner with a similar picture, this library (the old train station) represents our community

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