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  • Hi, got the same prob untill now. The approved additional photo does not appear or is added to the corresponding portal. Although I have many additional approved photos these are not added to its social network portal.

    Here I leave some of the portal with their approval email and the image of the corresponding portal where you cannot see the additional photo. 

    I have laaste versie update ingress 2 69.1

    I have Samsung Galaxy20+

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    Hey any update on this topic ?

  • I’d like to say I’m surprised this is still an issue, but it is Niantic we are dealing with. I know this is an Ingress forum, but if any of you play PoGO and wanted to be even more baffled, check the photos for that stop/gym in PoGO. All of my portals that have had this issue have the photo available in PoGO. It’s pretty sad that they were submitted in Ingress, but somehow don’t make it to Ingress even though they make it to their money maker PoGO. Any update on this would be awesome!

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    @Wooorms ****

    I can state for me that this issue has been resolved. Not sure the exact date it was resolved but all pictures approved are now immediately showing in Ingress.

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    So you suggest that I try adding them again ? Because I had a lot of accepted pictures which still haven't show up and I rather not see duplicates if I try again…

  • I would recommend trying new ones. Old ones will need to be resubmitted as I don’t believe they are fixing the ones approved but not added during the breakage.

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    Got a new photo approved last week; it’s not in the game.

    Added a portal and wayfarer (falsely) marked it as a duplicate; that photo is visible in Ingress…

  • Don’t know what to tell you. Everything I submitted middle of may going forward is getting approved and appears in ingress immediately.

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    Perhaps @NianticThia can provide an update here?

    Additional photos that are being sent in via Ingress seem to finally be appearing on portals again when they get approved. However, all the additional photos agents have been adding over the past 6+ months are only available in Pokémon GO, even though they have been added through Ingress.

    Since the photos are available in a database somewhere these should surely be able to be synced to Ingress as well?

    In some cases agents would be able to the photos again (causing unnecessary duplicates in the system), however in many cases they don't have that nice photo they added anymore, or are not within range anymore to add the additional photo.

    I understand that it may not be as simple as to push a "sync" button, but it would be very much appreciated if these additional photos could be synced to Ingress as well.

    Thanks in advance for a response 🙂

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    This seems to be resolved now. I checked some of the portals and even some pictures from November 2020 are now in-game.

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    but all those submitted during the bug seem lost.

    new one appears

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    Mine are most certainly not. I've checked like 6 portals that had photo's approved during (the months) the bug existed.

  • I've just got a new one that isn't appearing in Ingress.

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    This bug is definitely back... or was never fixed.. I have two examples of approved photos that are not showing... Good Job Niantic idiots

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    We're also not getting +1 on discovery of new portals. Three new portals approved last month, my month stats is 0 for portals discovered.

  • Definitely back. Every photo submitted and approved over the last two weeks never show in game. Not sure how these bugs get fixed then broken again. Regression testing anyone?

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    I've had two recent photo submissions not show up on the portal.

    Can you check in Pokemon Go if the photos show up there? If so, then the reappearance of this bug may be related to the other "Lightship migration" issues.

    Unfortunately for me, one of the two portals is only in Ingress, not Pogo; and the other is well outside my normal walking range and I may not be able to check on it myself for quite some time.

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    [Edit: that portal photos have been updated]

    Same problem here, ticket opened in wayfarer.

    An invalid photo that was deleted has been restored.

    New accepted photos are not visible.

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  • Isso é um erro recorrente que não acaba estou com muitas fotos que foram aceitas e até agora nada de subir no jogo.

  • @NianticBrian @NianticAustin @NianticAkshay @NianticBC @NianticBlue @NianticCasey

    Can we PLEASE get an update on this bug? EVERY photo I submit and get approved is never in ingress (including email approval received yesterday)!! What is the point of submitting photos if they never show up in game?? Please give us an update that you are aware or something!

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    For a while it worked, now I'm also back at the same problem.

    It is happening, always, for every photo on every wayspot - no matter which app submitted through.

    I can provide a list of at least 30-40 wayspots affected by that problem.

    Just another example:

    Waypoint "Road to Sun", Located: 53.113682,8.896054

    New photo uploaded at 21.12.201, accepted on 24.12.2012.

    And as of 02.01.2022 neither PGO nor Ingress has the photos available.

    And as for another example of not syncing, even when niantic manually syncs/edits wayspots:

    Waypoint "Neptun", Located: 53.070041,8.807763

    The wayspot has/had a photo with a players face on it. It has been asked to be removed in January 2021.

    I stumbled on this picture again, while playing and opened another topic with the request so it may be deleted.

    As of today, 02.01.2022, the picture is still available.

    To note: I submitted a new picture at the time of the report (roughly 4 months ago), which is available in both games.



    Just my 2 cents: I would fix this issue rather fast. Otherwise i see the law suits for violation of personal rights incoming. I really can't grasp how this issues persists after almost 2 years.

    I also opened a new bug report for the wayfarer team, since its not syncing to either games right now. It might now (or again?) be a problem with the wayfarer backend.

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    So far, since this bug reared its head (when Ingress switched to importing from Lightship?), the ONLY newly nominated photos that have appeared on portals have been those where I'd managed to get close enough to the location to apply a Pokemon Go "thumbs up" vote.

    Of course, this CANNOT work for any such portals that don't have an equivalent poke stop/gym. And it's quite troublesome for those locations that are outside my normal walking range.

  • At least Day 69 since approved photos stopped showing in Ingress. Do we have any update for a fix timeframe? Will the fix include a sync for previously approved pictures that don’t show? Please give us an update.

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    I don't think the problem has been even acknowledged by Niantic.

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    It has, but it has been resolved and broken again a few times. It's hard to keep track of what is and what isn't working, speculative and tentative fixes that don't work or no longer work. :(

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    Yeah that's what I meant, I had the problem around one year ago, and I think it was fixed last summer-ish. But since the issue is back I'm not sure it has been acknowledge again 😅

  • This error occurred & was fixed in 2021. It is happening again! I have about 50 pictures that were approved in Dec 2019 to now & almost all do not show up on scanner. PLEASE fIX this problem. This is the earliest approval email that I could find on this issue.

    Niantic Wayspot media submission decided for Conch Shell Player Statue

    Ingress/Pics Accept

    Tue, Jan 11, 6:01 AM

    Dear MJkingSF,Thank you for your Wayspot Photo submission for Conch Shell Player Statue on Dec 30, 2021.

    Congratulations, the community has decided to accept your Wayspot Photo submission. Please check out the full details in your Contribution Management page. Remember, community rejected submissions are not final! These may be appealed to Niantic one time via your Contribution Management page.

    Your friends,

    The Wayfarer Team

    Visit the Wayfarer Forum and join the conversation.WAYFARER FORUM

  • Apologies, Pictures approved since Dec 2021

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