Ingress support sucks

Definitely the worst thing about this game is the support. they're supposed to keep the game clean, but I don't think they can keep anything clean.

Today there are many spoofer accounts that have impunity simply because Niantic's anti-cheat system is horrible. Worst of all, it doesn't matter if an agent gets proof of an account's guilt, because nobody at Niantic looks at that proof.

Niantic is Niantic's worst enemy.

If they're not going to do anything to fix it, cancel the game. If there is an intention to do something, let them start by paying attention to the evidence instead of hiding behind their "We're writing to confirm that we have carefully reviewed your report and have taken action where appropriate" (The biggest lie ever written in ingress).

I have seen accounts traveling at 40km / h on terrain that can only be walked on. I've seen accounts descend 600 meters in two minutes. I have seen accounts place resonators in the center of a portal with no one around (Niantic has received the video). These accounts are still active despite sending data, photos and videos to Niantic.

I find it disrespectful to give such bad support to the agents.



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    You're not wrong. Unfortunately, you either learn to cope with it or you move on, the decision is up to you because we all know nothing is likely to change anytime soon. Eventually you will catch the spoofers slip up and that's when you nail them. Hopefully you've made good relationships with vanguards and understand they want to help, but often, their hands are tied just the same as NIA OPS (to some degree).

    good luck

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    FWIW (for what it's worth) - I dislike that support directs people back and forth and it is one of the things I'm hoping to see if we can make some improvements on.

    As for the rest, I cannot really give much there except that I too, dislike spoofers and I do my best to raise concerns about it and how spoofing impacts game play for Ingress.

    Please continue to report spoofing.

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    If you are given instructions by Remy, ignore them.

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    Just another fresh case! I invite you all to share your experience in this post.

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    Should we also continue to report multi-accounting? Given how lax it seems on the other game, I wasn’t sure if the Niantic stance had changed.

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