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Hello, today was 30th time when I finished epoch challange, but counter didnt move and is still on 29. Sojorner hackstreak is 214, so it should be 30. Any known bug? My agent name carlosinos. Thanks.

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  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Epoch and sojourner are different. For epoch u only need hack once a day within 24hours so if u miss a day u just miss current week streak. For sojourner u need hack atleast morning and evening so the gap between latest hack is not too long. Just hacking once daily is a big chance u can reset sojourner to zero (0) and u must start all over. But if u miss epoch and u have 30 weeks completed u will not reset those only the current hack streak like in pogo.

    Are you sure you got the last day hack popup on epoch ? maybe u stil need one more day for complete week ?

  • But my current sojorner was 214, so no days skipped from start of epoch. Had 7 days and dropped automatly on 1, but counter didn't change :/

  • Epoch and sojourner are different. for Epoch need to hack portal (normal) while sojourner accounted (normal or drone hack)

  • You can lose sojourner streak without losing epoch streak. You can also lose epoch streak without losing sojourner streak.

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