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About two weeks ago I nominated a portal. It was accepted very fast, just in few days. I received "excelent work" email. I've got a portal key. New portal is visible in scanner and on the intel map.

But the "portals discovered" stat is not updated in my agent profile. It is still 45 as it was month ago.

So I went to wayfarer's "nominations" list and count portals with "accepted" status: the count is 54. Of those portals 1 is listed twice, 2 were deleted from the portal network, 1 never appeared because it is close to other portals but the rest are alive on the intel. So my "portals discovered" should be at least 50. But it is still 45.

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  • Awaiting a response on the same issue. Stats of portal discovered has not been updated.

  • My portal discover count is also not increasing, showing new portals in intel map and got key for new portal not updating in my profile.

  • yeah me to i got the same issue, i'm still waiting for niantic response regarding on this.

  • Bonjour j ai le même problème, demande acceptée mais pas recu de cle et rien au niveau de la carte

  • So it seems Ingress is stuck with a daily sync now, instead of new portals appearing immediately. And when sync happened, my approved portal showed up on the map, I got the key in my inventory, but my "Portals Discovered" count did not go up and I did not see any AP float by.

  • Sorry to hear about that, Agents! Please submit a ticket via in-app support. One of our representatives will look into this.

  • another example again today - sync gave me the key but no +1 portals discovered or +1 portals visited

  • I'm missing a few now for credit on portals discovered stat. Hope the in-game support ticket helps. No credit and no AP

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    I did "question about scanner or intell map" => "my agent stats are incorrect" .

    But after several auto answer like lightship update wait etc i said i POI was accepted in july and in ingress since september since i upvoted the pokestop picture. They answered they have escalated the request but nothing since

    maybe you'll have more luck

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    It's global issue. Since portals are synced once a day no more +1000AP and no more +1 to discovered stats.

  • In-app support didn't acknowledge the issue. They just said that you don't get credit until it's accepted both times. Even though I gave them the link to the portal. They either didn't read it, or don't want to acknowledge there is an issue.

  • Today I've got a key for another accepted portal. "Portals discovered" still stuck at 45.

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    And there you go --- tried the scanner suggestion and support says it is not an issue

    [Edit - I have had portals accepted since August that I never received credit for, so it is not just a "catch up" issue.]

  • I noticed the same issue - portal appeared on intel about 18 hours ago, I got the key, but the "portals discovered" stat did not change.

    This portal if it matters - https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=42.523369,-71.432682&z=18&pll=42.524091,-71.433477

  • I'm missing at least +5 on my Portals submission stat, maybe more.

    It looks like it started about 14 days ago, but im not entirely sure as i dont back up my stats everyday.

    All of those submissions got accepted and i got the keys, just my stat is not changing

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    This has happened sporadically over the last few months with internal Niantic reviews that went through Lightship and didn't appear immediately in Ingress. Now that all nominations appear to be delayed on showing into Ingress, this issue happens to every accepted nomination. I doubt anyone can show an example of actually getting the +1 going forward from about a week ago.

    If this can't be fixed, you might as well hide the stat since it'll be meaningless if it can't continue to be added to, @NianticBrian.

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    @NianticVK when I’d complained about Niantic-staff-approved portals not appearing in game, the in-app support that you suggest sent me over HERE to the forums. I see from other RECENT comments that the Niantic staff STILL has not been educated/directed to tell us otherwise.

    I’ve since had another approved portal (approved by Wayfarer on Nov 12, not by Niantic staff) that has yet to appear in-game.

    I’ve also got a move-edit request that was approved but NOT reflected in-game.

    And as of today, an approved photo has not yet appeared onto the portal. I’m given to understand that when a Pogo player has a photo approved, those are immediately visible in-game (in Pogo) with no waiting.

  • I am having this same issue as well.

    I keep close track of my approvals and hold on to each key as I get them. My "portals discovered" count should be 639, but is at 637. The culprits are two wayspots that were approved but did not show up in Ingress for some time afterward:

    1. "Whereloom Honey" was approved November 2 but did not appear in game for over a week.
    2. "MLK Community Center Basketball Courts" was approved on August 5 but went live yesterday.

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    I have the exact same issue with two portals. My portals discoverer stat should be 404 but it’s 402. The last time this happened was with a new portal for which I got the ”excellent work” email on Saturday 13th of Nov: The portal appeared in Ingress last night and I got the key to my inventory, but not +1 to portals discovered.

    Here are the portals:

    Tsiptsap https://intel.ingress.com/intel?pll=62.234905,25.674524&z=15 approved 2021-07-30

    Vihtavuoren kuntoradan reitit https://intel.ingress.com/intel?pll=62.37015,25.892455&z=15 approved 2021-11-13

    interestingly I got +1 to ”portals visited” for both, but now +1 to ”discovered”.

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    For me this seemed to begin on 9 November, no key, no +1 stat and no AP. Some examples:

    Title: Gunnamatta Beach Trailmarker

    • Location: Fingal VIC (-38.44528,144.856808)
    • Submitted: 7 November 2021
    • Approved: 10 December 2021

    Title: Gunnamatta Beach - Carpark Trailmarker

    • Location: Fingal VIC (-38.447027,144.859169)
    • Submitted: 7 November 2021
    • Approved: 11 December 2021

    Title: Nail Art

    • Location: Brighton VIC (-37.913661,144.994243)
    • Submitted: 19 October 2021
    • Approved: 13 November 2021

    Conversely, here are the two last approved ones that worked fine:

    Title: R.J. Sillitoe Reserve Cricket Nets

    • Location: Hampton VIC (-37.933673,145.021462)
    • Submitted: 19 October 2021
    • Approved: 9 November 2021

    Title: North Avenue Playground

    • Location: Bentleigh VIC (-37.927256,145.035082)
    • Submitted: 19 October 2021
    • Approved: 8 November 2021

    In-game support is being useless and providing nothing but canned responses, so @NianticVK, in the interest of transparency of the issue and accountability for Niantic, I will continue to post these here as more detail can be provided and the Niantic team can request more information with the community should it be needed. Please do not sweep issues under the rug by sending it to in-game support.

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    This happened with a portal I discovered yesterday. No stat uptick, but I did get a key.

    My portals discovered stat should be 566 after this one. In addition to this, I also did not receive credit for visiting the portal, as is standard now for portals discovered.

    I should have a purple ring I tried opening a ticket but was directed here.

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    This happened to me yesterday. When I tried opening a ticket in app it told me to report it here. So which is it?

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    Two of my Portals that Niantic manually reviewed and approved months ago finally showed up in Ingress overnight (outside of elected sync time). I got my Portal Key (as expected) but my Portals Discovered count was not adjusted.

  • It seems like whenever a portal is added to Ingress from Lightship, the stats are not updated.

    So this means all of the previous portals accepted and Niantic and ALL the portals that have not been accepted before 10th November (or 11th or thereabout).

    And as everything goes through Lightship nowadays, the stats won't update anymore at all until Niantic fixes this issue.

  • Given we are in excess of 100 days with no progress on the original problem from staff review and lack of acknowledgment in terms an increase in portals discovered……I wouldn’t hold my breath.

    It is almost like there is a completely broken code to the portal discovery stat from Lightship 🙄

  • I've already created about 10 portals, half appeared in intel, half did not appear, although the portals satisfy the range of 20 meters.

    In statistics portal discovered nothing appeared.

  • Well, those wayspots/portals that were accepted by Niantic formed only a fragment of all accepted portals. Those were also not synced at all without interfering the wayspot in PoGo so that was a bit different circumstance. All else worked fine.

    As of last week all the nominations are handled from Lightship like the Niantic approved ones before, and the sync to get all of those Nia approved portals to Ingress was ran today, so not until now we know the whole scale of the problem.

    I agree, the code to the Portals discovered statistic seems to be broken (or there even isn't a code for that at all in Lightship). And now we know that. And now this can be addressed and hopefully Niantic now takes action to fix this.

  • Same issue here.

    My portal stat should read 1308 after 2 portals accepted in past few days.

    Given this issue there is no incentive to submit portals or do wayfarer until it is fixed.

    It would be better to withdraw submissions and wait until this is rectified.

  • Same here: I well got the key after submission was accepted, but no +1 on both "Unique Portals visited" and "Portals discovered" counts.

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