New nomination bug?

Since yesterday after Niantic did the portal dublicate fix tweak, my accepted nominations seem to get bugged. My first accepted Wayspot yesterday didn't show up in game when I got the acceptance email (it normally always shows up instantly). I thought someone may have moved my submission closer to other wayspots in wayfarer, and considered the nomination lost Ingress wise. But then, I had a different nomination accepted 6 hours later, but, it didn't show up in Ingress either, despite me submitting it in a spot that would definitely make it eligible in Ingress. The weird thing is, that when I got the acceptance email for the second portal, the first one showed up (6 hours after acceptance email). And the second one didn't show up as of yet. Today, I have a third nomination accepted, that ALSO doesn't show up in ingress despite me submitting it in an area that should easily make it eligible in Ingress.

Did something wrong happen after the Wayspot dublicate fix?

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    Wow my second "lost nomination" just showed up as I wrote this. I literally just checked before and after writing this.

    But still

    There seems to be some kind of weird delay to (at least my) accepted portal nominations

  • BlasseBlasse ✭✭✭

    It was announced with Prime 2.80.1:

    Ingress now sync portals same way as other NIA games, so no more instant show on map, instead sync is occurring owernight. You should see your portals on Intel and keys in inventory one or two nights after receiving email.

  • My accepted nominations have been missing for several days now

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