"Banner Missions - All Questions & Answers" - So many questions.

First Question: When do we find out how Niantic is Improving The Banner Mission Feature, as noted in one of the last AMA's that "Missions/Banner Missions" is now being fully Redesigned and Now Under A New Development?"


  • HydracyanHydracyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    I would love a filter when browsering for missions. ALL i see is banner related and i dont want to do this kind.

  • E tenido demasiados rechazo al enviar misiones ejemplo de un mosaico de 60 solo me apueban 40 y después rechazado siempre y en otros países esas misma imagen la aceptan, cual es el criterio de los aprobadores de aceptar algunas otras no

  • BarthaxBarthax ✭✭✭
    edited June 2019

    The rejection emails really are the worst experience when trying to get missions through. The "reason" often does not fit. Visiting comic book store portals as a tribute to Stan Lee doesn't fit the mission idea, for example. Copyright for pictures that were designed or pictures taken by the submitter.

    Things get worse with banners. Typical recent scenarios includes getting the last one or two missions of a set rejected because the waypoints don't fit with the mission, so the mission path is changed until the rejection reason changes to copyright of the image issue for our own (or community-generated like Mission Project) pictures, so the image is changed to something wrong for the current mission and the mission gets accepted. So now go about fixing the image and only for the update to be rejected because the waypoints don't fit with the mission... Wait, the path has already met acceptability to go live in the first place?! The cycle can repeat many times over with just one or two parts of a banner getting the rejection treatment.

  • Estoy constantemente cambiando rutas para que las misiones sean aprobada y aún así son rechazadas, estaría de acuerdo si todas las misiones fueran rechazada pero solo se rechazan algunas y ese asunto desmotiva todo el tiempo invertido para enviar grandes mosaico y por algunas misiones rechazada se tiene que eliminar todas las misiones

  • I cant create ingress mission i dont know the reason Could you please help me?

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