Ingress app restarts when switching from iPhone camera app back to Ingress

I keep my iPhone11Pro Max up-to-date, iOS updates when they come out. I've reloaded Ingress thinking that the error was in an app update or such. Please note that this issue doesn't happen everytime I switch to take a photo but more times than not. I can't isolate why it's forcing Ingress to restart. It is a minor inconvenience that is happening all the time. I do believe that I can recreate the issue but have no idea how to report other than here. Once in a while switching from Ingress to Pokemon Go it will crash or vice versa. Now with Pikmin it is happening when switching to/from that game as well.

Have you heard anyone else reporting this issue?

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  • KarM3LKarM3L ✭✭✭✭

    Ingress, well all lightship games are bad at multi tasking... best solution, don't multi task,

    Or more specifically clear other apps from memory...

  • 3car3car ✭✭✭

    iPhone camera takes huge amounts of RAM, and iOS kills all apps not consistently running at launch of the camera. It always seems that the latest phones are okay, as soon as a new iOs hits the problem mentioned happens.

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    Close any other large applications like games that you have open.

    What's happening, is that the phone has to free up RAM to use the camera. Since Ingress is not considered high priority, and is the largest RAM user, it's first on the chopping block. If you want to take photos through the game, you need to stop any other apps so that the game and camera can share the RAM without needing to eliminate one another.

    The easier method however, is to take the photos in the normal camera, then switch back to Ingress and submit portals using Existing Photo.

  • The same issue also exists on my Android phone with 6GB RAM.

  • Hulk32Hulk32 ✭✭✭

    I've experienced this same issue with stock camera.

    Phone: OnePlus 9

    Android Version: 11

    ROM: OxygenOS 25BA

  • I’ve had the exact same issue on several iPhones over the years, it’s really annoying. When I play Ingress and open the camera then immediately go back to Ingress app it’s already crashed and reboots.. @NianticBrian is it possible to fix this?

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