Stacks not rendered properly in game

See the difference... Also got issues of missing long links in game

Feel free to merge if this type of bug exists

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  • I got the same problem the other day with the scanner rendering portals under a field but the intel was saying they were outside.

    Even when rotating all the way, the portals were always render under the field. It was not a parallax problem.

    The links from these fields were about 50 km long, and these portals were near the middle of the distance.

    Even with the scanner rendering them under the field, I could still link to other portals, so they were really not under field.

    I did not do a link and a screenshot of the render with crossing links because it would have been a blocking link for what I was doing.

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    I have a question about that at which you are maybe authorized to answer.

    Does the scanner currently render links by taking the 2 portals coordinates and drawing a straight line on the projection of the Earth surface that is the intel map instead of a geodesic that is the real link trajectory, or is it more complex?

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