Update on Game Latency, Missing Wayspots, and the Roadmap

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Hi Agents,

I want to provide an update on a couple of ongoing pain points separate from the various threads so they are not lost.

Game Latency | Status: Under Investigation [12 Nov 2021]

We are aware of and actively investigating the reported latency or lag. We haven’t yet identified what’s causing these intermittent hangs, and we’re investigating possible causes to find the root cause. Because the root cause is still unknown, we don’t have an estimated timeframe to share right now.

The team is continuing to investigate latency experienced when deploying/recharging portals. We looked to see if our auto-scaling was a cause and found that it was not. We are instrumenting other parts of the system as well to collect more data and narrow down the search but have not found any new clues yet.

Missing POIs, Edits, Etc | Status: Under Investigation [12 Nov 2021]

The team is also still investigating why some Wayspots are not yet appearing in Ingress as Portals. This is another situation where the cause has not been identified and both the Wayfarer and Ingress teams are trying to find where the issue lies in order to resolve it. Because the cause of the issue is still unknown, we don’t have an estimated timeframe to share right now.

I do not have an update at this time. Both the Wayfarer and Ingress teams continue to work on this.


With all of that being said, I want to share some insight into how the team is finishing 2021 and getting ready to take on 2022. Many of you have asked about a roadmap and what is store for the future of Ingress.

I kid!

Here is some of what we’re looking to get out by the end of the year.

In addition to our published Events Schedule, we’re also going to continue targeted playtests in November with an update to an existing Portal Boost. This is an iteration on earlier playtests held last quarter, and builds on playtest and Agent feedback we received. 

This is in addition to the work being done to identify the cause of game latency and missing POIs.

The current plan is to regroup in early Q1 to look at Ingress and how things look with regards to the state of the world, and come up with a plan of attack for 2022 and beyond. 

Once we have that, I will work with folks to share something more “roadmap”y with you.

For those curious… I am pushing for the return of in-person events where it is safe to do so among other things and I’d love to hear your thoughts on that in a separate thread.

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  • Every time I read about the problem of missing portals, I will check Intel to see if one appeared that I have pending :/

  • Hi @NianticThia

    when the apex is activated your counter never never Lag…… please check

  • Hi monkeys!

    what about comm fonction that are existing in the EN version of ingress but not in the FR version (maybe in other too)?

    You didn’t understand what am I talking about? EN version has MU created and more information that does not exist in the FR one. Forgot after translating? Just surprised that nobody talk to you about it!

    About some portal appearing in Pokemon Go or Harry Potter: in Pokemon Go you can vote on the picture of the portal that does not appear in the intel map. If you do it, after 00h next day, it will appear! There is still those ones that appears in Harry Potter but not in Ingress and not in Pokemon Go=> today they are locked, there is nothing that we could do and NIA can’t do anything for you (exept « investing » 😴).

    An other day, an other bug: it’s been 5 times that I’ve contacted you because I still can’t link my ingress account (Pokemon Go (trainer account), Ingress (special gogole account created by the time when there was no more connexion option), HP (seems to be linked to ingress account by gogole… but I don’t play anymore). In actual case I’ve got 2 « wayfarer medals » to complete and I won’t do it two times (so that’s why I want to link the Niantic accounts). So I didn’t use wayfarer anymore (I’ve try on the twice once: an aberration: I could validate my own propositions! 😵‍💫😵🤯). But monkeys are monkeys: they don’t care at all, isn’t it? 🙉🙈

    Worst Regards,

    Agent and Trainer Louxyo (exhausted by your « we don’t care » policy).

  • bbulkowbbulkow ✭✭
    edited October 2021

    Hi, I look forward to in person events. That's the only reason I play ingress, really, and our local area has started getting together more. I'm not going to travel internationally for ingress, but I would consider (in these days of impoverished travel) a long weekend in the western US. Oh, I've never liked First Sunday or whatever it is, because it's not faction based. How about some smaller event than a full anomaly so people don't travel very far and it's low strain to run them?

  • In the meantime, do we have Niantics blessing of using the workaround of adding a like in PoGo without the fear of being flagged for "abuse"?

  • No Adventures Sync please.....

  • What about increasing the amount of power cubes thrown by portals, or some sort of power cube enhancer ( similar to an appex) with various areas being locked down or ppl who don't live in suburbs doing a run of setting up baffs then either having to travel to towns or not being allowed to move round areas that have good portals for hacking is an issue. Having portals fade because you can't get enough cubes while in town sux. Buying cubes don't cut it on these financially tough times. Having a power up that allowed good Jack rate of cubes over a set period would better even at cost

  • Sería mejor mejorar las formas de revicion hay agentes que no conocen los lugares y rechazan por rechazar nomás, siendo que en esos lugares hace falta portales para mejorar el juego. NIANTIC PODRÍA IMPLEMENTAR PORTALES VIRTUALES QUE QUIZÁ NO ESTEN AHÍ...PERO SERÍAN PUNTOS DE XM O FUENTES DE PODER EXTRA.

  • Limit of proposed missions extended to infinite

  • Hi, please implement a filter on the notification. So my phone can report an attack on my favorite portals.

  • If by "missing Portals" you mean when it appears in Pokémon Go but not in Ingress, then I found out it will appear in Ingress if I go and thumb up the pokestop picture in Pogo. Then the next day it's there in Ingress.

  • Could you please just add some servers, it will help when the game is too slow, which is almost always...

  • KhatreKhatre ✭✭✭✭✭

    that's because drone is really OP already for farming

  • TheAuraStormTheAuraStorm ✭✭✭✭

    Not sure what the portal boost is, hopefully not like “Powering up PokéStops” with AR scans.

    Speaking of scans, the badges for Scout and Scout Controller are messed up. The badge for the uniques is double the action, it’s like having Pioneer being higher than liberator. I’d be cool with swapping the numbers around for each badge. Scout is alright to do, just a bit of a grind, but getting controller on 12,000 portals is nuts, especially when you get a limited number of scans, can only scan when it’s light, often have to do more scans to become controller. Such a high requirement is making people give up on Gold / Platinum.

    Adventure Sync - yes please

    Q4 events - a bit of an underwhelming announcement, but with it being Winter in the Northern hemisphere, I understand being cautious. Hopefully we can look forward to Global challenges in the new year and beyond.

    Lag is never welcome, hopefully it can be sorted soon ™️

    Looking forward to a more exciting year of triangles in 2022. Mad to think that next year is the 10 year anniversary. A perfect time to push new features? 👀

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    Thanks for update Great to get this, sad the cause of lag still unknown really hope u can nail down the issue. Not sure what u mean with portal boosts xD....

  • Thanks for keeping us updated.

    It's good to know you are investing lag.

  • Decent "We are still here and doing something"-post. Lot's of hot air and not a lot set in stone updates/announcements

    Good to see you guys thinking about it. 👍

  • PkmnTrainerJPkmnTrainerJ ✭✭✭✭✭

    Curious about the Portal Boost.

    Adventure Sync will be great, and good to know the issues with missing portals are still under review.

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