Spoofing Killed the Game

I know most of the people on this forum couldn't care less but the game is over for me. There really is no point to the game when the spoofing has become so bad that it happens immediately after taking a portal. Today the spoofers won. I cancelled my CORE subscription and I will never again play the game. Given the tiny numbers of people playing, I imagine that most people who have started the game have left but then I don't know if this game was ever that popular. I only started playing it recently but I can't see any reason to continue. It had the potential to be fun but Niantic refuses to do anything at all about spoofing and that is wrecking the game. Niantic's negligence is unacceptable.


  • GoblinGranateGoblinGranate ✭✭✭✭✭

    Sad to hear another agent leaving the game. Spoofing is the most damaging cheat we suffer and it was there from the begining, but unlikely other game cheats in other games, it has only gone up.

    I can only say that, if reported properly, spoofers get an actual ban. It is currently WAY EASIER cheating than successfully sanctioning cheating and I hope that this is put to and end. One way or another.

  • i can understand the situation. it is awful but spoofing technically is hard to avoid, anyway must exist ways to lower the damage given, just changing some rules.

    mostly there are two kind of players, loyal high level player who doesnt want to change any game rule and newbies who comes and getout because that kind of problems. Niantic support for that kind of players is not easy to do / understand.

    i am sad when i discover a new agent and only see him playing for two weeks.

    in my opinion Niantic should be braver changing any important rule to be able to increase game users.

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    Sorry to see you go - if you change your mind and need assistance with spoofer reporting ping me. sssputnik on TG

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    I think its more disagree with quitting?

  • I think it's more of this scenario isn't actually happening.

  • That's funny considering in a previous post you said it was, but I understand why you would change your position on that, lol

  • GoblinGranateGoblinGranate ✭✭✭✭✭

    Perhaps the disagreements are on the "people doesn't care" part?

    Anyway, everytime I disagree I try to at least tell why.

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    it's easy. if you didn't suffer, you wont understand.

  • The incident you are talking about simply didn't happen. That player drove up to the portal you were at and knocked it down while you were there. They did a three point turn in front of you. They looked right at you. Then they proceeded to knock down the rest of the portals on the street. You constantly accuse me of spoofing but you have no evidence. I have 325 million ap. I have no reason to spoof. Especially at a park with a portal that's easy to get to but yet you still accuse me of spoofing that portal. You even insinuated I was a child predator. Even your own team is tired of your accusations. So before you get on a public forum to complain about things that aren't happening you need to do some self reflection. Stop the accusations. Spoofing is an issue but you are making this scenario up.

  • Funny, I never accused you of spoofing. We both know that you do, but I never said it in a public forum until now, as a response to your lies. I only said its why I'm leaving the game, but you know the parks aren't what I was talking about. Enjoy pretending to go to those mountain tops though, and perhaps you should give up trolling if you are going to be so sensitive about the response. I never implied anything like what you said, but if that's how you interpreted it, well perhaps you do have an issue. My own team is complaining? Wouldn't that require more than just me playing? Doesn't matter, I'm done with the game, and I'm done with the forum. You can just go ahead and ramble on to whoever cares. Enjoy your massive AP. I don't require anything like that as personal validation, nor am I deluded enough to believe that it's proof of not spoofing. Its actually amusing that you do though. Any who, ba bye.

  • I have officially deleted my account and have left the game permanently. Thank you to all of you who offered your support, guidance and assistance, but I feel that this game is not for me. I have therefore deleted my account today and am now completely done with the game. Take care everyone. Best wishes.

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