Ruck The Box

This was published at GORUCK News Telegram channel.

"Grab your bags and weights, Agents, we're playtesting a brand new rucking event on Saturday during the Myriad XM Anomaly in July! 

We're challenging you to ruck 10km within the Myriad anomaly playbox in Madison and Busan. 

For more details and to sign up for this free event: (i cant insert the link)"

The information at the Fomr after following the link is:

"Ruck the Box

A new TKO/GORUCK event playtesting in Madison and Busan during the Ingress Myriad XM Anomalies.

Your challenge: To complete at least 10km of walking during the anomaly, within the anomaly playbox, with 10-20 lbs of weight and within time parameters set by event Cadre (about 3 hours).

Ruck the Box requirements:

1. At least 10 lbs of pure weight, plus whatever you need for the day in a backpack.

2. Water.

3. Every member must have a distance tracker app to prove distance rucked that day

4. An anomaly team (ask your anomaly POC to be put on a RTB team).

5. A commitment to walk the event during specified anomaly hours.

You will arrive at the start point to meet with Cadre 1 hr prior to the anomaly start. Your Cadre will give you a brief intro on rucking, take attendance, check that requirements are being met. You will assemble with your team and roll out prior to the start of the anomaly.

Play the anomaly as usual! And don't forget to move. You will walk at least 10km during the event.

30 minutes after the last anomaly measurement, you will meet back at the start point with your team and Cadre. You will show your tracking app with at least 10km of movement to earn the exclusive Ruck the Box patch.

Ruck the Box is free to play and is currently only planned for Madison and Busan. It's time to move, agents!

Information submitted will be shared with GORUCK and your faction's player POC anomaly team "


  • RavenstonRavenston ✭✭✭

    I wish they’d say definitively whether or not there will be a medal for the scanner for completing this.

  • JimboMXJimboMX ✭✭✭
    edited July 2019

    @ravenston or a patch..... but since it will be a "free to play" i dont think so.

    Still its a good opportunity for those that haven´t done a Stealth to start rucking.

  • XK150XK150 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Dude, it's a playtest. Of course there's no medal.

  • P2063P2063 ✭✭✭

    Wish these patches were accessible for an European anomaly too. Can we have it in Dresden?

  • JimboMXJimboMX ✭✭✭

    @Chics or any agents that participated at RTB, How was it? whats new and different?

  • ChicsChics ✭✭

    It was amazing and fun, you have to walk all the playbox with 10 lbs minimum inside your Ruck and complete 10 kms total to get the patch, that keeps you moving while you're Rucking, hope they'll keep doing this events!

  • P2063P2063 ✭✭✭

    how do you keep track of the distance? do you get waypoints, or can you roam the playbox freely? does it count if move outside the playbox? will there be specific faction teams created with RTB participants or are players doing this handled as rogue/lone wolf agents?

  • XK150XK150 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Whatever fitness tracker app you've got on your phone, as long as it records time and distance. (I used MapMyHike.)

    The cadre in Madison wasn't checking to see if all the km were in the playbox.

    It's meant for faction-based teams. Teams in Madison were 8 people, give or take. There was not an official requirement for team size, and the cadre thought our teams were a bit big. (I think GORUCK's model for this event is their Star Course, where teams are 2-5 people.)

  • JimboMXJimboMX ✭✭✭

    But if its an Ingress Anomaly Team makes a lot of sense to think that a Team of 8 would be the norm... you still have to play for your faction as a team and destroy, capture, mod, link, field, or whatever you need to do to win.

    @GORUCKHQ should take note of this.

  • Team sizes were left up to POC/anomaly orga's discretion. We have no plans to dictate this for the future, however, Ruck the Box may change in unexpected ways as we tweak it to work for GORUCK, Niantic, and the players for the future.

  • Each agent measure his distance with wathever tracker app they have, in my case it was Samsung Health.

    You don't have waypoints, the team leader receives instructions and decides the places to go, we didn't leave the playbox.

    There are specific faction teams, RTB is planned to being played in teams and no lone agents, that's why the inscriptions to RTB are quickly filled.

  • XK150XK150 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Optimal team size really depends on how one expects an RTB team to contribute to the larger faction effort. I'm Madison, our "assignment" was to hack as many portals as possible to run up the hacking score. For that metric, team size isn't as important as team speed -- smaller, faster teams are just as valuable as large teams, and maybe even more valuable.

    We definitely don't want to think of RTB teams as just another portal team that can be moved around a bit, because that might get them stuck in one place so long they can't earn their patches. RTB teams must keep moving for most of the anomaly, if they're going to get 10k in 3 hours.

    This was the first RTB event. It would probably take a few anomalies for everyone to agree on the optimal size and use of RTB teams, and even then, those may change based on the anomaly scoring rules.

  • Announcements coming soon. It's our goal that Ruck the Box will be available in more places in the near future.

  • Yes, but we hold events globally. Ruck the Box was playtested in Madison and Korea.

  • P2063P2063 ✭✭✭

    Niantic is an american company, too. Still we have their events worldwide (just like Goruck did in the past and will continue to do)

    my question was only if this specific event will be available at other sites, which is answered positively now.


  • JimboMXJimboMX ✭✭✭
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