Situation in Milan

Hi, I would like to report the current gaming situation from Milan where I have played for a year more or less.

When I first landed here, the opposite faction used to win thanks to a player who had multiple accounts banned. He stopped for a while, but he has recently started over: he created an account aligned with my faction in order to make same colour xlink against my faction fields. Few days ago, he also made a coordinated action with the opposite faction: they destroyed a field and he xlinked with his new account and since then he kept these links up and gave fundamental advantage to the opposite faction. They refuse to cooperate, although few of them claim they have told him to stop, but no real action was taken and yet they got advantage from his actions. When he doesn't manage to stop us from playing, he uses two fake accounts, one for each faction, and spoof around with them: he uses one to destroy, the second to xlink. These accounts normally last for few hours but by that time everything we worked for is down and we are supposed to wait for portal reset. Now, here are my observations to NIA (we cannot change the spoofer's mind, especially if the opposite faction refuses to cooperate):

1) spoofing accounts travel at an impossible speed. How come that they are not automatically banned? Let's say you travel with fast transportation, such as a train or a plane: you would be speed - locked and prevented from playing. If you cover 50km in one minute you are either spoofing or plane crashing, but in the second case you wouldn't be able to play.

2) if the fellonies of a single person can alter the regional score, it means that it has no sense to exist, unless you find a way to restore it and make spoofing or inappropriate gameplay useless. By now, spoofing is used strategically: it doesn't matter if the fake account is banned, it interfered with the score and it altered it, so what is the score representing? Those who are playing fair from both factions won't be represented by a score which has been altered by a fake account action.

3) reporting system: how come that portals are not automatically restored once the accounts are banned? And why reports have not the same importance? They are not equally reviewed, most of them are just skipped and I found it quite unfair, since I am normally a lone player, and I would love not to need to beg around for people to speak up for me.

I would love to see more improvements on this side rather than new badge medals and drones.



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