What do you think should be ingress prime to earn 5 stars in app stores from google and apple?

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Since the developers don't want to consult with us about what we really need, let's at least discuss it among ourselves. And let each of you answer in this thread.


  • Big stuff is missing at the moment. My box has enough stuff going on so that I only notice big stuff is missing during down time. Covid makes big stuff very difficult to pull off right now.

    Otherwise, for 5* the tech needs to catch up with the play value. Lag, airplane mode tricks, multi-accounting, and spoofing need to go away or become so blatant that it's the equivalent of an alkali in an acid pool during a litmus test.

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    Ingress roots are XM from artworks (portals). (Secret) agents are participating in the fight (using fields) between ENL/green and RES/blue for MU. The agent's tool are the scanner (that runs on XM), the intel map for overview and comm for communication.

    These roots have in my opinion become fuzzy in the 2nd generation of the game (Prime) among playgrounds, recursion and x-faction/purple.

    Personally I agree 100% the scanner should be a scanner and not a game. "Ingress is not a game"

    Personally I agree 100% the colors are too deep/strong/dark agents have said this since forced upgrade to Prime day 1 (before they did quit).

    Funny I myself just came to the same conclusions this morning and compared colors: the two left pics (two succeessful game UI) are lighter colors easy for the eye and Prime to the right has very bright/strong colors with a lot of purple which is a fact that many men has problems with because of color vision deficiency. Why is this?

    The UI needs an overhaul i my opinion. Make the portal name readable when linking while at it the text (the most important info!) is too small and at the far bottom of the screen. Maybe it is soon time for the 3rd generation of Ingress? It can maybe be accomplished with small means UI changes? This would loose the bagage of low rankings in the stores from agents that have rage quit playing and that might start playing again with a tweaked UI who knows?

    The old lore movies are still great! and can be (re-)used: like this one! 

    "Buyers beware! Glitchy phone via online auction!" / ben jackland


    Nia, Thanks for a great game!

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    At this point, I have no idea what brings improvement. I thought signing up for CORE would bring improvement, it hasn't (for the most part, we did have the big layer/intel map upgrade). They read all reviews, yet the forums are quiet. We ask for updates about bugs, the forums are quiet.

    Like, how long do you give them what THEY want before getting what WE want? Little has changed over the past year and in some ways, things have gotten worse. Comms, slightly better. Latency, way worse. Drones, no changes. Missions, no changes. Scanning, improvements (funny this is something that helps Niantic, but has no in-game value). AMAs, more or less missing. Communication, some improvement. First Saturdays, no changes besides less quantum caps. Second Sundays, watered down mission days that appear like events.

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    Great response, thank you! Definitely some things I'd spaced on like the maverick badge. Though I'd argue that adding the "drone" layer is mostly a useless feature when I'm guessing a majority of agents would have preferred the layer feature would match how the others work AKA we want to see where our drone has been.

    So maybe not quite as stagnant as I implied, thank you. In my opinion, the Ingress app/service, is not at a 5 star level.

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    They need fix the lag thats been ongoing for so long now, and we have now Core subscription but it seems it hasnt changed much in terms of improving stability of the scanner its like you pay but the game is still so broken. They need also deal with cheaters, spoofers and multi accounts maybe introduce that you need verify your account with your phone number to link perhaps? It could make things a bit harder for those that want abuse.

    Also now we dont even have a story and lore to follow - how do you even explain that to new players? Here is a green portal go take it down and thats it? Ada and Jarvis would be fun if they gave ingame story missions or something to keep new and old players engaged to that.

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    When not only product,but even support page has own errors(eg try to change nickname via site not) - product can't be rated 5*.When after each update i have a message "rate us" it's annoying.Also we have connection lags for some month.And laggy store which is unfortunately used when passcode arrives. And no language switch(which could help while main translation is bad). And no notification sound but sfx_notify is in assets. And most bugfixes in previous releases are mostly damaging not helping,but we need to update to worst one or we can't even connect.And so on...

    Sorry,but for me 5* means standalone working product with priority to stability and balance/bug fixes,not laggy one used to betatest all features for other projects.

  • DSkatauriDSkatauri ✭✭✭

    One more thing. It's also bypassable but will give bad actors a pain. Currently all Niantic products have SafetyNet defence,but it can be bypassed. How about magisk memory leak detection as Ukrainian digital passport "Дiя" app does?

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    I'm actually OK with current app in general terms, but the reason I 1* rated it was because support. When you rate the product, you have to rate it as a whole and the whole is 1* just because support is a 0.

    Until support gets real attention, I don't think anything else will improve strongly enough to raise the game again.

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    I have given Ingress Prime 5* because I am rating the game more than rating the app. I do agree with many of the criticisms such as the dreadful colour scheme. Readability is a serious problem for most users, but it is frankly prejudicial against visually impaired people. When Prime as announced I was looking forward to a new and cleaner interface along the lines of what they had done for Pokemon Go. What we were given was a hot mess which looked like it was designed by a child.

    I teach IT and Computer Science, and the younger students always go overboard with features when they're making a PowerPoint: too many animations, sound effects, colours, etc. I absolutely got the same vibe when I started using Prime.

    Nevertheless, I play Ingress daily and I enjoy playing it despite any complaints I have about the UI. There are other apps which run more smoothly, etc, but I don't have any interest in playing them.

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