How much longer can Ingress Prime keep going?

I am relatively new to playing this game and I have no idea what the game was like in its glory days, if this game ever had glory days. I can't imagine Ingress always had the low numbers of people playing but currently I live in a community of roughly 400 thousand people with around 10 people semi actively playing the game. Subtract the alt accounts and its probably 5. I don't know if there are communities where the game has more players, but with such little activity, I can't imagine the game is generating enough revenue to support itself. That being the case I can't help wondering how much longer Niantic will keep this game going.



  • Check the reviews of Ingress Prime first before recruiting your friends.

  • GreenVamGreenVam ✭✭✭✭✭

    User reviews of the product speak for themselves. I really love this game, but with every new update it gets worse and worse. There is no normal translation, there is no normal graphics that does not eat away the eyes, there is no intelligible plot for more than a year. As an agent of enlightenment, I don't even have a reason to fight. Why should I fight after Jarvis betrayed us and removed exogenous beings from our world? And there are a lot of reasons why I cannot recommend ingress. 

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    The ongoing lag last months has made the game less enjoyable, even in summer when it was warm and nice out u had tons of lag.. now winter is coming i dont look forward playing much when its cold outside and game just lags daily :/ seems they cant fix this issue even after so many months subscribers are paying money but it seems it dont change much..

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    Well, if Niantic isn't working on the things that you think need working on, there eventually comes a point when the choice is yours to make: stay with Niantic and Ingress, and hope they eventually see things your way; or move on, and find more enjoyable ways to spend your time.

  • If I had a dollar for every time this question was asked, I could buy Niantic outright. It was asked when Pokemon Go came out five years ago, when Prime was released three years ago, during the pandemic a year ago, and right now. Niantic won't shut down Ingress, regardless of playerbase, for one reason: they own it. The bulk of Niantic's revenue comes from leasing out the Lightship platform through partnerships. If those partnerships were dropped tomorrow (as we saw with Catan), then the only product they could still control is Ingress.

    In regards to the plot, it's been covered a few times: the Shapers were never the end all be all of the Enlightenment. Hell, there's an entire TV show about Ingress that never directly discusses the Shapers. The mission of the Enlightened remains exactly the same as it ever was: to embrace XM for the advancement of humanity. I want more plot developments as much as anyone else here, but the Tessellation only changed one aspect of the overall story, and potentially for the better.

  • I'm curious how this can be about social gatherings and so on when no one as far as I can tell is playing, unless you consider 2 or 3 people getting together a social gathering. The other game has over a hundred people show up during community day or during raid hours. I've yet to see anything like that with Ingress Prime. On another note, the lore kind of did lure me into the game, so, yep, its important to some people.

  • At least leasing the lightship platform is a source of revenue. Unfortunately Niantic isn't a publicly traded company so just how much revenue that produces is something that we can't know about for sure. Even so, the platform and the game are different things. One makes money for Niantic, the other costs money to maintain. Actually they both cost money to maintain. Just one might actually be profitable but once again, they don't have to file with the SEC so we don't know. Since Niantic is a private company they don't have to do what makes sense, but generally speaking a company will not maintain an operation that is unprofitable. I also suspect, given the numbers of people currently playing Ingress Prime, which I would imagine effects how many people ask that question, you might be able to buy a really good steak dinner, and not much else.

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    My friends won't play the game. The day I started everyone I know who plays the other game told me there is no point to it. Spoofers will just undo everything anyway. There is only one consistent spoofer in my community out of a handful of people playing, and he pretty much controls everything. At this point the game is just about collecting merit badges and getting to level 10. After that there isn't much to achieve. I can see how the game could be more enjoyable if spoofing was addressed, but Niantic appears to be completely indifferent.

  • If you like creating and planning, build big overlapping (layering) fields! And collect unique captures.

    Your region's scoreboard (menu - scores - see more) shows the top 50 agents in the region, based on MU captured.

    Once we're a few days into a cycle, my region's scoreboard usually has 80-90 people. Several dozen of my faction are active in our Discord group. Once covid-19 has let up enough, we'll have another picnic, or meet at a bar, with at least a dozen people. The other faction has more people, but I don't really know about their chat or meet-ups.

    We often visit family around 700 miles away. Their scoreboard shows a bit fewer agents, but they have faction/xfac meet-ups more frequently, with 8-15 people per.

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