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  • I disagree since power bank has been around for more than 8 years, I always walk with one while playing.

    Scanner has to be open to count km, but anyway it's just my opinion.

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    So now people will be able to get instant trekker and kinetic programs by "hacking" adventure sync. Nothing learned from Pokémon GO, I see.

    At least leave it only for kinetic capsules, but don't turn the Trekker medal useless.

    EDIT: I'm seeing some people confused about how adventure sync works. I'm sure this gonna be an optional feature (like already is on Pokémon GO). If you don't want your Trekker ruined, just don't enable it and you'll be fine.

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    Awesome updates! Keep up the good work! This is exciting stuff!

    Also kudos to you all for having to wade through all of the negative comments that amass after each announcement of your hard work. Your efforts really are noticed and valued. 10 years is coming soon!!! It's time to move!!! :D

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    Not at all, buying a year old flagship, costs as much ad the latest midrange.

    Potter players keep complaining the same thing, with regards to cheap mobiles not having a gyroscope. For the sake of a $2 device.

    Nothing wrong with buying a slightly old device.

  • It's unfortunate, isn't it? I know a lot of the original Redacted features were spaghetti code, but at least they were purpose-built for the Ingress experience. I'm still optimistic about Lightship as a platform, but it still has a way to go before it enhances Ingress rather than forcing it into a mold.

    I'm excited for Adventure Sync, because I spend a good deal of time walking with my friends/spouse and would rather not have my phone open in my hand/pocket draining battery when I'm walking but not actively playing at the moment. But why does the AS/Ingress dev team assume that a sizeable portion of players are walking/running more than 40 km a day? How many Ingress players are casually running daily marathons? Why are there no checks in place to, say, stop tracking when it becomes obvious that an account is maintaining inhuman levels of foot travel? Sure, edge cases exist, but I'd bet a hefty sum that the number of accounts legitimately walking 40 km a day are outnumbered by bots by an order of magnitude.

    I could think of a few ways to implement Adventure Sync in a way that wouldn't break the game, and I'm looking forward to providing that feedback when the time comes.

  • Felicitaciones por ese gran esfuerzo que hace ingress mejor cada año

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    Anyone else reminded of this technology when you hear about AR and photo mesh?

    Microsoft: Always decades ahead in research, then they never get it to market.

  • Only spoofers and a chosen few rechargers want that. why should you get stuff for NOT playing?? And You totally **** hard badges, clowns will just buy 10€ stuff to "walk" 20km over night

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    I live in a rural area where it is difficult to go out just for walking, so I have high expectations for Adventure Sync as an encouragement for exercise at home. I envy hard-working people who are free to go out and oppose this feature.

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    The time for that feedback is now, before the feature is released. First impressions matter, and it's a lot harder to change how something works once it's out in the wild and people get used to.

    On that note, I'll recycle my previous comments on Adventure Sync and "playing Ingress":

  • I used to burn through over 10gb a month when playing ingress since i've been offline i never seem to touch that with pogo & wizards when visiting new areas over 16km away like today so maybe i should downgrade my data plan lol and save my cash.

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    It's upsetting to hear that the Trekker medal will be devalued by this update, many agents have worked hard for theirs for so many years. The kind of changes are what demotivates many from continuing as it introduces a fear that other efforts may be devalued in the future as well. Additionally with the old distance requirements this medal becomes too easy to complete, medals are only worth something when they -feel- like achievements.

    I think it would've been smarter to change it's description to "while playing" and keep it untouched by adventure sync. Instead you could introduce a new medal such as for Kinetic programs brewed, which would still require some game actions (opening, putting in a new recipe) than just walking with the sync on.

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    Funny to read all the “Oh no! My Trekker Medal” comments. Well done if you got it before, others game play shouldn’t affect your enjoyment of the game (unless they’re spoofing and/or multi-accounting) so I don’t get the gatekeeping with it.

    It’s an optional feature. You can just turn it off if you want to play “the old way”.

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    yes but some will just abuse it and get onyx in trekker..

  • Una de las mejores noticias es el no tener que llevar ingress siempre abierto para que cuente la distancia, aunque en mi caso la batería después de 4 km y toda la mañana encendido el móvil, aún está sobre el 50%

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    Time for buying a sock, yay!

  • I cannot imagine a rural area where it is hard to go walking. Would love to see it.

    Anyway Trekker is the second easiest onyx medal IMHO. After playing 4 months I have already platinum and I will make onyx in another 3 or 4 months. The irony is, most of it was made during short and easy walks in portal dense areas. When I am actually trekking longer distances between portals somewhere outside the city, the phone is in the power saving mode or I use a different app, for example the camera app or the navigation app (the Ingress map is mostly useless for navigation). So the real trekking is not tracked at all.

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    A question on this too. My Trekker badge shows 2,001km

    My Niantic Social profile says I’ve walked 7,052km

    When Adventure Sync is added, if I switch it on, will those 5,051km be added to my Trekker Badge stats?

    Just checked out of curiosity and all the distance is recorded on Pokémon GO, so I would think that it’s a yes?

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  • I am sure it will not be retrospective, but I already have 8,000km in Ingress, Pokemon has three times that , has overcounted by a factor of about 3 every since adventure sync came in!

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