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I have 325 days on my sojourner badge. Recently realised that it is frozen to 325 :( So, the problem is that if you look my Epoch badge you can see ALL the days from the beggining of this badge. It means that i don't lost ANY day with no hack a portal. It is unfair to lost the badge 30 days before the onyx. I dont know if the Facebook problem was also problem for this game(because i couldn't login for some hours ...but i have already hack a portal this day) you can confirm it from EPOCH badge!!!(every monday is the 7days +1 on this badge from the first day of release)

I think this is a bug and I'm praying to find a solution. It's a pitty to lost all the days because of nothing.

Thank you.


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  • InvestigateXMInvestigateXM ✭✭✭✭✭

    Sadly, just because you have an unbroken Epoch streak, doesn't necessarily mean you have an unbroken Sojourner streak. For Epoch, you just have to hack once per day as defined by Midnight to Midnight local time. Sojourner however runs on a rolling 24 hour system, which means that you have to hack at least once within 24 hours (putting aside eventual grace periods).

    That means if you hack a portal at 00:01 on a Monday and on 23:59 on a Tuesday, the Epoch streak is still running, but because it has almost been 48 hours since the last hack, Sojourner has been broken.

  • Ok i understand but i think the mistake is from Facebook crash the last week. I couldn't open the game to hack a portal :(

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