New feature: Storage crates

Okay, so Niantic has given us key lockers: max 6 per agent and they're great for harbouring keys without taking away your inventory space. But I personally think it'd be really cool to have some sort of location-locked "mega capsule" with a capicy big enough for 20 agents to store their inventory Items (with the exception of capsules, of course, and keys, because we already have key lockers).

This object would need to be "placed" in a real world location, with the owner able to provide "permissions" for agents who would have access to the items inside (self, faction,all) but be visible to all agents in the scanner, and can only be picked up by the owner of the Storage Crate provided that it is empty.

This would help agents better prepare for different types of gameplay (attack vs rebuild) as well as allow for more secure stock transfers between agents, when it's logistically impossible to meet up with other agents away from prying eyes.



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