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  • Finally! Now I can close the App.

  • reposting from the Bug Report


    Hi folks -

    Here is a form to submit if you ran an ADA Program while it was broken so that we can get you your ADA.


    Thank you all for your patience on this!

  • I like the event so far. No way I can make Gold, will there be another event?

    I've been playing a couple of months now and like the bronze, silver and gold badges we work for, in this challenge the gold badge looks green instead of gold.

    I thought Gold was not supposed to tarnish?

    Isn't that one if the features that makes Gold so valued and sought after?

    Copper is the metal that turns green

  • ChopStiRChopStiR ✭✭✭
    edited September 2021

    I was overly optimistic at the start for achieving gold.

    I did 20km of bikegress and the kinetic capsules only awarded 5km.

    I did a 6km walk and the kinetic capsule only awarded 3km.

    Then I've been stuck at home for 3 days due to gout. Between the really bad ingame calculations and my own health I don't think I'll even achieve silver 😢

  • So it seems to me that, in addition to the distances being point-to-point, the Kinetic Capsule updates every 5 minutes from when it was started. So if you recorded 2.0km in 25 minutes then congratulations, you're good to start a new one, but if you only recorded 1.99km in 25 minutes then you'll have to wait until 30.

    Might be useful to remember when a capsule is started and then, as you're approaching 2.0km, make sure you're hacking or dropping an item just before the 5 minutes ticks over?

  • Can I have a platinum medal? :) Those 2km capsules are addictive.

  • I have bug in my id. It's not count km.

  • El contador de km de juego está mal programado! Porque para hacer 2km tienes que durar 45 min caminando y además interactuar para que valla registrando que estás jugando! Y si caminas 2km en menos tiempo no importa porque cuando cumpla el tiempo yo camino 10km en un parque que tiene hasta la marca de la distancia y solo abría 1.5 cápsula por lo que para abrir Una cápsula toma alrededor de 7 a 8 KM. Y los que hacen trampa tiene la de oro porque es imposible de hacer porque para lograr la medalla tenías que hacer mínimos 5 a 7 cápsula dependiendo cuánto hizo en el evento pasado! Tienen que hacer 37 a 40 km para abrir 5 cápsula! Una persona que no puede caminar tanto por día!! Que desilusión de que a niantic no le interese los jugadores de ingress!

  • finally 😴

  • This. I don’t want a green badge. So again not trying to get “ gold”.

    please stick to bronze silver and gold. Skip green. Skip blue.

  • I'm saddened that I will not be able to get gold level for this badge: between my desk job, health issues, and pre-existing plans with family, I did not have enough time to devote. I'm happy enough with my priorities, though, and offer my congratulations to all that do get that Gold!

  • Necesitamos más días para poder obtener la de oro.

    More time! More time!

  • Concuerdo plenamente contigo. Un evento de lograr AP es programable y lograble porque sabemos con antelación cada punto obtenible. Que el scanner te contabilice la distancia real en un juego que es en tiempo real pero de medición inconsistente no cuadra. Necesitamos más tiempo o la sincroaventura YA!

  • GrogyanGrogyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    I have finished it, with zero time to spare. Had already massively gone outside of my time budget for this event due to the Kinetic Capsule bugs.

    If it weren't for the bugs, it is doable.

    With the bugs, most would need an additional day or two.

  • ikaros02ikaros02 ✭✭✭✭

    The Nemesis sequence challenge medals are coloured differently from normal badges, last month we had teal Courier and we will likely have orange Lucida soon(tm)

  • Thank you very much for the event! After a broken leg, he had to walk a lot to regain activity. Thanks to the event, I was able to overcome more than 80 km in a week. It is a pity that the gold medal is green. I'm not a grumpy resist, but I wish it were blue 😉.

  • Got it there. Only just. Looking forward to getting back to my life and being able to walk without my phone open!

    This was the toughest one since EXO5 Controller. The only reason I got gold here was because Sydney was in a sweet spot of being locked down enough to not have social commitments but not locked down enough to prevent me from walking.

    Any other time and the battle between my completionism and my marriage would've been brutal.

    Please can we avoid the 20+hr-in-10-days-on-short-notice golds in future? Lower goals or a couple of weeks of notice to get time off work or longer time to complete it in plz?

  • Please give a few more days for the event :( in my country there are many agents that many cannot play on weekdays and on the weekend it has become impossible to reach 50, you have to play practically all day, and not all they have the same time capacity.

  • It is just 2 hours walking per day (if you did not participate in the first part of the challenge). Anybody can do that. And if not, there are Silver and Bronze tiers. Gold should not be for everyone.

  • Hello, I think foresight has been lacking in this event. Today the event will end and I will not be able to complete it because there is a daily capsule limit. How can Nia promote an event with the limited purpose? Not all players have total availability every day to be able to dedicate hours to the game. some days we can dedicate more hours than others. After 1 week of 12-hour night shifts, I expected to be able to get the 50 capsule challenge today, but it turns out that due to a limitation that should not exist during the event, it will not be possible.

  • The 40 km limit is indeed quite strange and low (especially during such an event). Many day hikes are way longer than that.

  • Due to the problems with the ADA capsule on the first day of the event you could extend this event for one more day 🙂

  • I completed 50 in time but didnt get the last tier medal. So frustrating.

  • kinetic capsule like trekker badge consist of kilometers walked while you are playing.

    probably "Walk a long distance" of the Trekker badge should be changed as "Distance walked while playing Ingress". And the text of kinetic should be "walk to create or transmute objects while playing Ingress".

    my metric was fine because i was hacking, building, linking and checking scanner almost all the time. 40km is a good limit if you are walking only.

    good job for Niantic because everyone wants the green-gold badge, i have enough with blue-silver.

    I think that almost all the problems presented are a problem of interpretation of the way to obtain the kilometers

  • I think that the whole problem is that some people are not used to walk. And for them, 100 km per 10 days or 40 km per 24 hour are big numbers. For others, it is just daily routine.

  • Having just skateboarded over 20km in one evening, I'd kindly ask that the calculations get looked into.

    The only way that I started to get some somewhat reasonable km counts was to fire off weapons every 20-30 feet or so to keep interactions going with the game. In pogo this is easy, just catch the next creature. In Ingress you might not have a good update until the next portal, which could be awhile, especially when you have a hypercube enabled. (Picking up random XM doesn't happen). I would expect this for bike travel too?

    What appears to happen here is that distances get calculated between the last two or more updates which are more likely to be portals, rather than the *path* between updates. Once I started firing junk gear along the path, things seemed to start working better. At that point though I had already killed my legs.

    I should probably be closer to 20-25, rather than my 16, but I'm glad to have squeezed that out in time.

  • 50 is too high when the game can't count properly or you need to know tricks to make it work properly. That's not very fair or encouraging for new players.

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