Approved Portals not showing on Map/no key in inventory



  • I am getting the same issue. This one was five days ago and still not showing up.

    26.808373082094256, -80.07248850314258

  • From what I have been able to gather from other players I trust as well as my own nominations, this issue seems to correlate with the nominations that Niantic is reviewing internally (the ones that disappear for a while from the nomination list and then reappear as approved or rejected). Is it possible that there's some bug or config issue preventing the nominations going through internal review from passing from Lightship into Ingress? @NianticThia maybe you can have someone investigate.

  • Name : Igreja Sto. Expedito 

    Location : -23,0853406, -47,7064750 

    Approved: Sep 14th


    Name : Fonte do Leão 

    Location : -23,0853838, -47,6768332 

    Approved: Sep 22th

  • Someone on Wayfarer boards suggested I link my thread here as well

    In addition to the fact certain portals not appearing at all (and no key / ap award) there also is a very strange bug where Waypoints are not being shared between games

    In other words, I go to a park and submit a baseball diamond in Pokemon GO and it appears ONLY in Pokemon as a Pokestop (and not in Ingress at all). Then in same park I submit the sports centre sign as a portal and it appears ONLY in Ingress as a portal despite being far away from any existing portals.

    In the last couple of months something has broken and Waypoints are NOT being shared between Ingress & Pokemon. I submitted a few of the more blatant (obvious) examples here:

  • >>You can sync missing Portals by liking the photo in PGO.

    Thanks, I will try this today on 6 of mine that are missing in ingress. Will report back if this works for them or not.

  • It might take a few hours, normally the PGO Sync time. But until now, it worked on every test try

  • Location:

    49.32393036660331, 6.760349144396482

    As you can see from the screenshot of the Intel card, there is no portal nearby that could be too close.

    I also did not receive the key and it was not shown to me as discovered in the Ingress statistics.

    In Pokemon GO is the Waypoint online.

  • I’m testing this the liking theory too ……not long until traditional PoGo sync time.

  • Me and a friend managed to like the photo of this and another pokestop that didnt have a portal yesterday afternoon. After 12 am today, both portals are now live and in game and even visible on intel. It seems a temporary fix but doing that seems to have made the portal sync happen. The portals surely came after 12 am at some point because we had checked intel and in game some time between 11:30 pm - 11:50 pm.

  • Also worked for me. My missing portal is now live Ingress!

  • And I can also confirm this….

    I think that is enough to say this is a solution for those you can reach.

    My details.

    I liked photo A around 11.20 U.K. time. There was no change at 23.30. But this morning it has appeared in Ingress along with portal key and an increase in the portals found counter - perhaps the sync time is around midnight?

    I liked photo B around 20.00 U.K. time. This has not appeared yet.

    So I presume that at PoGo sync time which in U.K. is around 18.45 the information from the pokestop (the like) is uploaded into Lightship. This then does a complete refresh of the data for that Waypoint. This removes/repairs whatever the faulty information is. When the once a day (midnight?) full Ingress sync with Lightship happens it now recognises the waypoint and transfers to Ingress. It also recognises it as new and that agent needs a portal key and recognition for the discovery and issues these to the agent.

    @NianticVK @NianticThia

  • Now some intern should write a script to increase the like counter by an nia owned account to resync everything

  • Not available portal name: Fénykép és bor

    Nomination sended: 2021-09-17, via Prime

    Portal accepted: 2021-09-25

    Location: 47.210541020413764, 18.250284478031055

    Missing in Prime, no portal key.

  • So my second test one just came through as expected.

    it was sometime around Midnight U.K. time

    I checked with screenshots and didn’t get AP or a credit for finding the portal. I did get a portal key.

    So somethings trigger and recognise that our are the agent that found it but not everything.

  • Just to update on my missing portals. I was only able to visit 3 of them Friday and upvote photo on Pogo at 6pm BST. I can confirm that all 3 have now appeared on Ingress after Saturday midnight. Thanks for whoever posted this workaround, I will upvote the remaining missing portals in our area in the next few days.

  • I think this is good confirmation that it needs both the PoGo sync and then the Ingress.

    @NianticThia @NianticVK

    Can you pass this on to the team.

    Can the team also look at how they can retrospectively apply an addition to the portals found and if possible AP.

  • Do the portals appear in the Mission Creator Tool? My problematic portal also appeared yesterday on the Intel and in the scanner, but is still invisible for the missions. I haven't capture it yet to test if it will appear then.

  • A friend told me they do after the get captured the first time.

  • What about non-synced edits? I remember having one title+description edit accepted but it never got carried over. Also I believe a location edit.

  • Should work the same way. At least it did for me once and I heard about that from other wayfarers.

  • Meanwhile, new portals wich don't "AFFECT" pokemongo gameboard, appeared at ingress the same second it was approved...

    Mail, key, AP and portal online.

  • Looks like this issue is officially "Under Investigation" now under "Pokémon GO and Ingress Wayspot sync issues" :

  • Hi,

    A portal nomination was accepted is not reflecting in the game. I understand there is a proximity of 20m but I doubt it’s within that range. Can someone explain the issue.

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited September 2021

    try liking the picture in pogo it should force a sync. I just got a portal the other day accepted close to other poi so not sure..

  • It’s not reflecting in either pogo or ingress. Sorry forgot to mention about pogo.

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    I have another candidate that isn't showing in Ingress Prime.

    Not available portal name: "**** Brandt Str. 83 - Historische Eingangssäule"

    Edit: Funny, the name of former German chancellor W*Illy Brandt is censored because of language lol

    Nomination sent: 2021-08-02, via Prime

    Portal accepted: 2021-08-10

    Location: Halle (Saale), Germany

    51,4741366, 11,9723491

    Missing in Prime, no portal key

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