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  • Program for ADA Refactor requires 16 of L6+ XMP, not as announced 10 of them. It seems a bug.

    I also have screenshots of my weapon inventory before/after running, which assures it actually consumed 16.

  • I think i will be go very healthy because this event 😂

  • The delay to trigger the last 100 m is certainly frustrating. But it’s not 10 minutes (at least generally).

    In the first Optima round, I got 30 capsules and 70 km trekker over the middle 7 days. I know I was a bit mixed in terms of how frequently I checked for increments. I probably wasted a few potential capsules.

    so maybe a total 20-25% efficiency loss due to 5-10% base trekker loss and a 15% increment/walking-without-an-active-capsule loss (which could de reduced by frequent checking).

  • It is really not that hard. I did not participate in the first part.

  • I received a Jarvis instead of a ADA when program finished running. I hope y’all have a way to Credit me for the mishap..

  • I wonder why it says Hypercube program is reduced from 4 km to 2 km? I always have to walk 8 km for hypercubes?

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    "The last 100m" makes me feel like I'm playing a completely different game. I don't think I saw Kinetic increment in steps smaller than maybe 400m. My last capsule last night was stuck at 1.4km for like 900m of walking before it jumped straight to complete.

    Any levers that Niantic could pull to make it a bit more responsive for the duration of this event would be appreciated.

  • Could be 200, 300, 400 m. It’s the most frustrating when it’s appears stuck at 1.9 km, which is what I meant.

    I paid more attention today to how often it updates while walking. Most of the time it appeared to be in about 3 min intervals, but it was not always 3 (sometimes it seemed like 5 mins).

    Over all though I consistently get about 10 capsules per 22-23 km.

    I agree though that it would be great if there was a way to force the capsule to update. It didn’t seem like any in game action triggers a check.

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    must need to generate power through xm #move ❤

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    I agree that the slow update is frustrating with the 2 km capsule. When it is 1.9 km and you have to wait for another 500 meters... With 8 km capsule is it not significant in my opinion, but with 2 km capsules, it indeed is.

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  • Where do i inform for the mishap that happened with Ada program. Consumed a Jarvis and result was also jarvis

  • Consultation, I had understood that the capsules made during the first event would be added for this second stage, it turns out that I did 8 in the first stage and today I only have 4. I know of many that the same thing happens to them. does anyone know what is happening?

  • aren't we all wanting a permanent recipe for transmuting Ada into Jarvis and viceversa?

  • My goodness, the complaining.

    Top tier medals are hard. This is not new.

    Yes, you CAN have your distance count accurately. My husband and I proved this. I got 4 capsules done yesterday, and he got only 1. He had the app up all day, and mine was even intermittent. Same amount of walking at a tough volunteer stint. The difference? I was hacking, charging, or drone hacking every time I was at a vertex in my walking.

    Yes, it’s annoying that the counter “jumps.” But it works, even if it’s delayed.

    Not into walking or this medal? Don’t play. Don’t have enough time for a higher level? Surprise, the event will probably happen again.

  • 50 is too high for only 10 days, but we had another 10 days in a first part of the event.

    that's 2,5 per day, so 5km every day. that is not so hard for a gold. remember gold must be a hard tier not everyone can get without effort.

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    U forgot where ppl need walk far more due to how the kinetic distance sometimes not even works so thats not a challenge its just frustrating when those who walk many km dont get proper distance tracked to the kinetic...

  • KatthKatth ✭✭✭

    You stop walking after 200m and wait for the update.

  • I actually really like this medal, and am happy to have the extra motivation to get out and walk more after a miserable lockdown winter. Provided the weather holds out as forecast and I don't otherwise injure myself or get sick I should be able to get there.

    I raise these issues because it is within Niantic's control to significantly improve the QoL for the rest of this event by adjusting the parameters around the updates to make the capsules more responsive for a little while.

  • Is there some error message or warning if I hit the 40 km per 24 hours limit? My kinetic capsule just stopped updating, it did not register my lunch break walk at all. I did 40 capsules over the weekend, but I do not know exact times.

  • InvestigateXMInvestigateXM ✭✭✭✭✭

    Yes, when you try to start a Capsule when you hit the limit, it'll show "Daily distance exceeded. Try again tomorrow." or something like that. The Capsule not registering distance is just Ingress being Ingress, as long as you have one active, it should count.

  • @NianticBrian @NianticThia please reboot the servers thx...

  • MoogModularMoogModular ✭✭✭✭✭

    No one knew what the tiers were in the first part.

  • Last update for the night (for me).

    Got the errors resolved. Will post in morning (for me) how to get your ADA if you got a Jarvis when it was not working.

    posted from phone

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