Smashing Ladies

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If you were in Orlando on Sunday, September 12th, 2021 you only had to check your scanner to see that something was happenng. Historically the City of Orlando has been a stronghold for the Resistence. But 17 Enlightened agents put a dent in that with a "City Smash". But just reducing the presence of level 8 portals in town was not enough. The ladies wanted a field! Agent SutefaniDeluxe volunteered to make the 1.2 mile hike to the anchor and throw from there. She was confident in going that distance - what she didn't count on was going a full mile down the wrong path and back again before her real hike even started. The clearing team was made up of agents MrsZiggy81, Lindow1, MaggWat, GuidoGirl, and the operator was Ev0leno.

After the City Smash there were only 4 links blocking the north lane. The East and West lanes were totally clear! Clear time and Throw time were planned for 4:00 pm and all clearers where in position by 4:05. But SutefaniDelux was still returning from her misadventure so the other ladies just sat at their targets and listened to her heavy breathing.

All was ready by 4:20. Ev0leno gave the "Clear Team, GO" signal and within seconds the base was clear. The throw took less than a minute and Orlando was covered with five layers of green at 1.03 Million MU per layer. Of course, SudefaniDeluxe was now sporting a shinny new Onyx Illuminator badge (and a huge smile).

The fields stood for one check, putting SutefaniDeluxe on top of the regional agent list. Resistence agent ST392 paddled out to **** Island to take the field down at 7:30 Sunday evening. He killed the field but not the spirit of these amazing Enlightened Ladies!









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