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Since support does not seem to notice the current forum post about Kinetic capsule not working where several agents have written that their kinetic capsules have not been working for over a month now, I'll create a new bug report in the hope to get a response.

Description: Kinetic Capsule stoppped working (for me personally it was at the end of the Optima Kinetic Challenge Event, so since the end of march), has counted 0km of 4km for crafting 2 hypercubes. Trekker has registered more than 100km since then.

Device: iPhone 11 Pro

Current OS: 14.5, but even 14.4.2 had the issue

Current app version: 2.70.1 appstore, 2.70.1-3e2b0b3d ingame, but even previous versions had this issue (as mentioned the kinetic capsule stopped working in the end of march)

Kinetic Capsule ID: 59C81A9C

Previous bug reports (some agents had the issue solved by having their kinetic capsule reset by @NianticBrian, some have not received help):

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If you continue to experience this issue, please submit a ticket via the help center and our team will take care of it.



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