Coming Soon: Optima Kinetic Challenge ll

The Optima Kinetic Challenge returns from Friday, 17 September at 1600 UTC to Monday, 27 September 1600 UTC with new tiers!

The Optima Kinetic Capsule metric will return to your Scanner to track progress. While the previous metric should go live at the beginning of the event, Agents must perform an in-game action such as a hack or recharge a Portal for their tiered medal to update should they have completed enough Programs during the initial challenge in March.

To help with Agent efforts during this challenge, the following Program updates have been made:

Existing Programs

  • Very Rare Portal Shield; Heat Sink; Multi-Hack; SoftBank Ultra Link Programs: Kinetic energy distance reduced from 8km to 2km; Kinetic energy reduced from 6000XM to 4000XM
  • Hypercube Program: Kinetic energy distance reduced from 4km to 2km

Re-Activated Programs

  • JARVIS Virus, 8 L8 Resonator Programs
  • Kinetic energy distance reduced from 8km to 2km

New Program: ADA Refactor

  • 1 JARVIS Virus + 10 L6+ XMP + 4,000 XM + 2km 

Additionally, Optima Kinetic Program bundles will be available in the store for the duration of the challenge:

  • Free Kinetic Program Bundle (0 CMU, limit 1 per Agent): 3 Rare Shield; 3 Rare Heat Sink; 3 Rare Multi-Hack; 3 Rare Link Amp
  • Paid: Optima Kinetic Program Bundle (1,000 CMU): 3 Rare Shield; 3 Rare Heat Sink; 3 Rare Multi-Hack; 3 Rare Link Amp

Reminder: The reduced 2km Kinetic Capsule distance only applies to newly run Programs, and does not apply to Programs already running prior to the start of the Optima Challenge. For example, if your Kinetic Capsule Program is at 3.5km/8.0km when the event starts, it will not be reduced to 3.5km/2.0km. The reduced distance will not be retroactive; you must complete your existing 8.0km Program, and the reduced distance will be enabled upon running your next Program.

As always, please remember to be aware of your surroundings. We encourage players to follow local health and safety guidelines when playing Ingress (such as wearing masks and maintaining at least six feet/two meters of distance from other people). For the latest on in-game events and feature updates, be sure to check COMM > NEWS.

— The Ingress Team


Updates from thia

The event is live and I have a couple of followup notes based on some of your questions here and in other spaces.

1) The event is live, yeay! If you are nervous about starting a Kinetic Capsule and it still being 8km instead of 2km, you can verify before starting a Program by looking at the Kinetic Capsule before you go into MANAGE interface. I'll add a screenshot from my phone after I get this posted. It will say 2km instead of 8km at the top.

2) Medal updating: if you completed enough Kinetic Programs during the initial Challenge in March, the popup you receive on screen may show Silver instead of Gold as both alerts are received but it can only display one. If you look at your Scanner, it should show the Gold tier.

3) Distance walked limit: The 40km limit is per-24 hour period and starts after you complete a Program, as a rolling 24 hour period.

If I redeem an 8km Program at 1100 (because I started it before the Challenge), I have 32km remaining. If I go out and finish a 2km Program at 1400 today, I will have 30km remaining. If I do no more walking, tomorrow at 1100 the 8km falls off and I have 38km remaining and at 1400, I am back to having the full 40km available. (I really hope that is not more confusing.)

4) Broken ADA Refactor Program: We are disabling the ADA Program until we can correct it. If you have one running, it will still continue to run, finish (with incorrect output still), and count for your stat credit, you just will not be able to start a new one.

I will look into what can be done for those who didn't receive the right output once we get it working properly.

Please use/refer to the filed bug report for updates.

UPDATE: ADA Program has been reactivated.

Now that it's fixed, I'll talk to the team about what we can do for those who did an ADA program and got a JARVIS instead of an ADA. It is unlikely I will have an answer for you before Monday. I'm sorry about that. :(

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  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    nice :D

  • This again. *groan*

  • Will the kinetic capsules passed during the last event count towards the upcoming event?

  • ZennZenn ✭✭✭✭
    edited September 2021

    I made a bunch of Jarvis from the first optima challenge but there was no way to make Ada... Now they're offering a way to consume that surplus to produce the Ada so in a way I'm going to lose out if I want to make those which kind of levels it out from a balancing issue and if you don't have the Jarvis you can create them...this time

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  • KC tracker really sucks , but i don't think, that much ,lol.

    Besides, they are also adding previous metric from March .

  • Terrible event. Ingress still did not count Walked km properly. Also 10 days for 50 finished program? Its over 100km, and about 10km per day. Also Players must know that 10km in real ≠ 10 km in ingress. Blame you. This event should have extended time for more 10 days. Or even more.

  • Sorry to whinge but the last thing I need is a program to make R8s. I have loads of those as you can only add one per portal. It's the others I run out of!

  • GrogyanGrogyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    @NianticThia the Jarvis and Ada programs, are they only for the event? And not permanent?

  • Thanks for having the ADA Refractor program as an option!

  • I have the initial badge from there a way to see how many Kinetic capsules I have completed prior, or will this show up once the challenge starts?

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