Reporting invalid portals is 100% always. I mean ALWAYS useless!

FalenoneFalenone ✭✭
edited September 2 in General

Thanks for your report. We have reviewed your invalid Portal report and confirmed that this Portal should remain in the Portal Network.


NO! You didn't. I was there and you were not where the invalid portal was. I reviewed it and took the decision to report it as permanently removed or whatever! I know and you don't. Want proof? Why not ask for a 360 degree photo or whatever video or something in the app?

The portal report in my however many years has been 100% useless. Why do I have to go through some forums or whatever hoops in order to post pictures, videos, point cloud, dna data and fossil samples in order to get stuff that's no bueno removed when the function in the app could be better? Ask for video proof?! You already want portal scans, what's a tiny fraction of temporary used space for invalid portal reports?



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