Broken Kinetic Capsule

I’m a fairly new player, only L8. Kinetic Capsules were working fine for me until I asked for a faction change due to not being able to level up as there are 2 Res players in my hometown so I couldn’t claim portals etc to gain AP

I have reported this in-game to be told I would hear back in a couple of hours. I kept checking my emails thinking that I would get an answer there, not realising that I had received an in-game reply asking me to confirm permission to reply. As there was no notification of this message I missed it and it timed out saying they’ve closed my ticket.

I logged another ticket to explain this and I was told to clear cache and reinstall. I did all of this with no luck, Kinetic Capsule was still not logging my distance.

I was told this would be investigated. This was about 2 weeks ago. No replies, no investigation, no KC. I have added a dozen comments on the ticket since then and it seems I’ve been forgotten. I can’t even log a fresh ticket as this one is still seen as open but nobody replies.

Please see this as my permission to reset my Capsule. I don’t care if I lose the items I’ve put in for crafting, as I’ve said several times in-game which hasn’t been viewed. I just want to be able to participate in the upcoming event

Thank you

IGN - EdguyFox

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  • ArkFangArkFang ✭✭✭✭
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    Did you include the KC ID when you submitted the ticket? Update here and include your Agent Name, and the ID that is assigned to the Kinetic Capsule. Evidently this appears to help when resetting the KC.

  • Thanks Arkfang

    Agent Name - EdguyFox

    Capsule ID - 67F5D382

  • Any information or ideas @NianticBrian ? Or anyone else. Not had a working capsule in 3 months and I’ve been ignored via reporting via the app. Can this just be reset please?

  • Weirdly and miraculously, my capsule has shot up to 8km and completed! Ive just put new items in and I’ll test it tomorrow with some walking

    if this is something someone has fixed for me, thanks so much

  • Thanks Arkfang

    agent name: pinger2

    kinetic id: DD5E9441

  • Hi @EdguyFox - I'm glad it is resolved and I'm sorry you didn't get a note back here on the forums. Did you get one via the ticket you submitted?

    @pinger2 - I did a thing - please let me know if your capsule is now working.

  • Thanks very much. And yes, I’ve just seen the reply in-game. Time to get walking!

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