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Plan: Recurse to RES -> Speedrun to L16 -> Recurse back to ENL

Goal: Beat the current record for leveling to L16 (3h20m)

How it all started

For quite some time I had this wild plan to set a new record time on leveling from L1 to L16. The current record for what I could find was set at 3h20m by UigionBahamut.

My idea was to do this when the double AP would return for the ingress anniversary in November. However, the timing of the Matryoshka event just couldn't be better. My holidays just started and curfew in the Netherlands would be lifted on Wednesday.

A few years back I did something similar already, but a lot has changed since. Back then Prime was just announced and linking was really slow and glitchy. APEX were also not a thing yet back then.

The plan consisted for two runs: a test run and the record attempt. As I still needed 12M AP for L16, I thought I might as well use it as a test run. Check if the plan I came up with would even add up.

The setup consisted of one main anchor and a spine of 23 portals. Shifting anchors would be in the inner city of Utrecht. All portals were set up in a way that the link order would always be from farthest to nearest. With the double AP for links and fields for the Matryoshka event and a multiplier of two with APEX this would mean 250K for each build (fully linked portal). The test run required 50 builds and the record attempt required 170 builds (each with about 10% extra). This led to the following items needed:

  • Test run
    • 50 ADA
    • 100 SBUL
    • 1200 keys
  • Record attempt
    • 170 JARVIS
    • 340 SBUL
    • 4080 keys

Test run

On the first night (test run), me and TinusB started clearing at 2:00 at night. After everything was clear, I build up the anchors and moved to the city center to start fielding. It was 4:00, ready to **** the first fields. I scrolled through my keys only to find out the main anchor was flipped by kickdabucket one minute earlier. After that a blocking link was created by Yoshi4184.

We rushed to the anchors to find these players. There we found kickdabucket and a bit later also Yoshi4186. Luckily there was no hate on either side. We had a good chat whilst hiding for the rain under a tunnel. Both resistance players agreed to back off and just let us do our flip fielding for the night.

Record attempt

For the record attempt things seemed to go quite smooth. Clearing was done a lot faster. Anchors were flipped and ready. I recursed to RES and the timer started.

Building up the anchors and moving to the inner city took a total of 12 minutes. A few runs later I turned level 8 at 18 minutes in. Just a few minutes after that a new blocking link came in by Yoshi4184. This hindered me for a bit, but TinusB was able to take it down and chase him for a bit. In total this added about half an hour to the time.

At the time I was really furious and frustrated with Yoshi4184, but in the end even without the delay I wouldn't have beaten the record. The only way the record was going to be beaten was if the anchors were prepared already and some minor hiccups would've been dealt with. Even then it would've only been barely beaten.

In total, it took 4h24m to reach Level 16 after recursing. By the time I finished it was 7:30 in the morning and I started to receive messages for both factions. Surprised and confused that I was now blue and reached the maximum level. I had a good laugh and after being blue for 12 hours I turned back to enlightened.

Don't worry, this was the first and last time you've seen me as a Resistance player ;)

Huge shoutout to everyone who helped!

I couldn't have done it all by myself. All players will be credited down below, but an extra thank you to the following people:

TinusB for being my right-hand man for two nights straight. Helping with clearing, inventory and just being there with me on both nights.

Asadith for being a massive help on the key farming. Spend two days straight on farming keys and also brought in many other players to also help out.

JuniFox for traveling all over the country by train to collect SBUL.






















Video can't be uploaded here, so I uploaded it in a public channel for you all to see


  • ioHpeiHioHpeiH ✭✭✭

    Thnxs for the sitrep, good to know how my mods were used :-)

  • liyu1liyu1 ✭✭✭
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    heey can u share a screenshot of one of your fields (or is it Opsec :p ) ? i'd love to see how your portal network is aligned to be able to do this 🤤 :p . Btw great job !

  • alwaysnowalwaysnow ✭✭

    Great story!

  • Hey PascalRoose1

    Nice to see, someone trying to beat tgis record here and good story 😎🎩 Next time try to keep at Resistance more time than this some hours.

    Good luck to beat at next time, possible i try it go below 3 hours, but well see.


  • Cool~ Good job bro.

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