Update on Portal Nominations, Edits, and Photo Submissions



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    Another nail in the coffin for ingress. Not sure why anyone new would bother playing it anymore.

  • I have no idea how the painting of power distribution boxes works outside of Germany. Whatever the case - in Germany it requires permits from the municipalities or the owners themselves.

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    I’ve had three nominations accepted in the past few days. One is showing on the Intel map. The others meet the usual rules but aren’t appearing.

    @ForzaComo had an interesting theory here;

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    Weird, just had one come through, 3 years to the day.

    No email, just a key. It's in Mongolia so unlikely to cap it any time soon.

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    Come on, nobody gets any permit to do this stuff. And it's wayfarer's fault for getting it 'in scope'.

    You see, once portals/pokestops/whatever are in the game, people just drop the 'rules' and check to see if other portals like it exists and if so, they vote for it. Legacy portals were a cause for this under the Ingress playerbase, but the problem has expanded limitlessly when pokemon go players were incorporated. (They simply are with too many; hence all Ingress players dropping in rating in wayfarer...)

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    Now at four. Grateful for all the acceptances, not so much for the lack of keys/appearance on Ingress.

    The one that did appear was nominated on Pokémon GO. The others in Ingress.

  • PkmnTrainerJPkmnTrainerJ ✭✭✭✭✭

    Just keeping track. I’ve had an Ingress nomination accepted and it’s shown up on the Intel Map.

    Hopefully something has changed behind the scenes and it’s being fixed.

  • Judging from the volume of new posts in https://community.ingress.com/en/discussion/16194/approved-portals-not-showing-on-map-no-key-in-inventory , the problem persists. My candidate accepted August 3 is still not in game, and I check daily.

    My agreements have slowed down immensely of late, and I'm worried about my nominations currently in voting. I fear that if I can't upgrade them, they'll be accepted but not show in Ingress. Since the beginning of August, only my upgraded portals have actually appeared on Intel.

  • ZeroHecksGivenZeroHecksGiven ✭✭✭✭✭

    I did one nomination in Hawaii about a week ago. It was accepted and showed on iitc immediately. I don’t plan to review or submit anything until all of this is figured out and Niantic continues to communicate with us about what’s going on. Would love a little more transparency, but that doesn’t seem likely.

  • PkmnTrainerJPkmnTrainerJ ✭✭✭✭✭

    Yeah, I’ve added my ones there that haven’t come through. Was surprised when the one today did. Got an Upgrade that should tick over some time tomorrow so should have another one with any luck by the end of Tuesday to see if it appears.

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    Bouncing between here and the Wayfarer forums. NianticGiffard says they’re on the case.

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    I’m also really annoyed at portals are not appearing properly in Ingress. As someone who submits a lot of portals and also tracks their status in Wayfarer semi-daily, I’ve noticed something that may be relevant and makes me suspect this is a bug…

    Every portal I’ve had approved that didn’t show up in Ingress was never actually voted on… or at the very least was “in voting” for a minuscule amount of time. EVERY effected would-be portal just slipped through voting… most of them within a mere few days from submission; which in itself tells you something has gone WILDLY ASTRAY from the typical voting process in these cases.

    It’s a loose thread for your devs to pull on at any rate.

    I have had other approvals come through normally throughout this, which has been going on since at least August 12, probably longer... so it appears to be random. Since these appear to skip through Wayfarer voting though, maybe we're talking about a Wayfarer bug with these as opposed to a Lightship issue?

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    Any updates on why portals may or may not show up in Ingress, even if they follow traditional "rules" regarding distance from existing portals, etc. I see these questions are now being given copy/paste responses in the wayfarer forum.

    There must be a reason why this is happening. I'm fine with, "We can't tell you right now, but we can share more in X days."

  • Hi, I think the new formulation is linked to the lightship integration. The "wayspot" is accepted in lightship (for any game to use) but ingress might not accept it as a portal (so it could pop in pogo but not in ingress for example).

    It could be more understandable I think.

    "New branding on Notification Emails: We know the emails have been historically bogged down with bugs - there are dependencies we built into the emails that are a bit unstable which we’d like to eliminate. Our refresh will mean replacing game email notifications with Wayfarer email notifications, with links back to your Nominations page (as your source of truth). We’re also updating the language in the emails to resolve the confusion and conflation of ‘eligibility’ and ‘accepted’ in our messaging, which are not the same concepts. We hope this also clarifies that contributions are to the Niantic Platform, for all Niantic games to consider using."

    "Final Note - Where is my Wayspot in the game?

    We see some ongoing confusion around why you are receiving wayspot acceptance notifications from a game but aren’t seeing the Wayspot in that particular game. Please be reminded that each Niantic game (not Wayfarer) chooses which Wayspots to use from the Niantic platform, and are at liberty to modify their gameboard at any time.

    Wayfarer does not control how each game utilizes Wayspots. Games may also sync with Wayfarer’s Wayspots in a different cadence to each other, which Wayfarer also does not control or mandate. We hope this becomes more intuitively understood with our email refresh mentioned above!"

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    Priorities should be:

    Junk portals submitted from Foursquare - why are they not being removed? It's not just the places, it's names as well. Or are we now reverting back to "let the players fix it"?

    If not being removed- have portal criteria changed to include almost anything and Niantic are happy with the marked decline in the waypoint quality?

    Portals not showing that have been accepted, even though they meet normal accepted rules for that game. (In this case Ingress).

  • This is absolutely based in the Lightship migration. The first problems surfaced in late July, during the preparatory stages, and we were advised that there may be delays and to please wait. Since that migration, the problem persists. It's intermittent, and cannot be linked to a particular pattern (although Niantic manual review may account for many occurrences). We did ask in the Bug Report forum for a simple clarification - is this intended behavior, or is it a glitch? We didn't need any details beyond that. Our inquiries, though, were met with extended silence. Only recently has @NianticVK circled back to ask for specific examples to aid in investigation. If there are indeed new rules or it's a conscious decision by Ingress to not publish these portals in game, why do other similarly-spaced, accepted, but upgraded portals appear on Intel exactly as they did before?

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