Approved Portals not showing on Map/no key in inventory



  • Same issue here. I've had a portal approved, but no key or portal have appeared. There's no reason for it to not have appeared in Ingress. The nearest portals are plenty far away enough, it's historic, etc. I don't see how it can be anything other than a bug.

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    I think niantic must have changed the rules when a new portal goes live its not always ingress maybe ? before new portals always appear first to ingress, then later pogo and hp... but now it seems its not the case ? and niantic have upcoming games so if not the 20m rule then i cant really say if portals dont appears to ingress if its more then 20m to nearest poi..... maybe portals are checked now by humans to select which should go live or not ?

    it should be more clear, whats the point send in poi from ingress if it will not be accepted in same game for whatever reason ? it cant be just random algorithm that is the reason....

  • There does not seem to be any consistency (beyond "this doesn't happen with upgraded candidates as far as we can tell from the current evidence gathered") that would make this appear to happen as a result of a new rule. The timing with the Lightship conversion also adds a potential point of failure. It's my hope that Niantic will reply in this thread, formalize it as a bug so that we can start accruing numbers in support, and provide some estimate as to when this issue will be resolved.

  • The system changed

    Approved points are loaded into an independent wayfarer database.

    That process sends the email to say that it has been approved to be part of that database.

    The various games, at different rates of frequency, then pull data from that database, to use in their game and apply any rules they may choose to those points in order to decide if it will appear or not.

    The question is Ingress applying new rules based on an algorithm, or further review (delay) or there was a plan and it’s bugged

  • Hello! It's me, again. I wanted to update this information, today (08/30/2021) the portal's key appeared in my inventory and it also appears on the intel map. It has been 14 days later.

  • Nothing here, 27 days after acceptance. I was talking to a local submitter and she also has at least two non-upgraded, well-spaced submissions missing in Ingress only (although I don't know full details like coordinates, etc.). It's rare that things go through without an upgrade around here, so our numbers might be smaller than some other areas - but it also means we wait a decent amount of time for those acceptance emails, and the additional wait afterwards for our portals to appear just adds to the frustration with the process. Try as I might, I can't upgrade everything.

  • No change for me in UK

  • And just got another one approved that does not appear. Again one of the hard to get approved ones.

    Nia fix that!

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    Me and a partner of mine have been responsible for the appearance of many portals locally.

    However, since this all started, we've had at least 6 new portals approved (all independent distance-wise of other portals, AKA 20m rule), but none of them have shown up on the map, and consequently no keys have been distributed.

    Curiously, TODAY, another buddy of ours had a portal approved on his part and it immediately appeared on the intel map.

    I don't know if it's because he submitted on PoGo instead of Ingress or because the portal won't become a Pokéstop (appeared in an already occupied S17 cell), but this feels very broken.

    P.S.: feels also especially frustrating because some of the portals we were expecting to appear would result in new Gyms here or we have plans for new Missions, and the delay and anxiety are just triggering me x) JK, but still...

    P.P.S.: should I enumerate the portals missing from the map here? How can we get this sorted out?

  • @NianticVK sorry for the tag but you're the only official Niantic voice that's weighed in on this thread. It's still not even listed as a bug, so the "users affected" numbers cannot be tracked - but there are dozens of posts on this same issue both here and on the Wayfarer forum. Your promise of a few days' wait has long since timed out, and we really need and deserve some feedback. If the system is working as intended, just tell us that. I do not believe it is, and I think we have accumulated enough evidence her to prove it's a bug.

  • Well, I'd like to add that the "other buddy" I mentioned just above has had another Wayspot approved.

    However, unlike the previous one, which appeared in a occupied S17 (therefore, doesn't meet PokéStop criteria) and just became a portal, this new one (just today approved) is placed in an unoccupied S17 cell and therefore meets PokéStop criteria.

    With this in mind I can tell you that this new Wayspot hasn't as well become a portal/appeared on the Intel Map.

    I believe that's the bug we're all (at least most of us) experiencing.

    TL;DR: Portals that do NOT meet PokéStop criteria DO appear promptly in the Intel Map. Otherwise, if they do meet the criteria, they aren't appearing. I believe that's the bug.

    @NianticVK I reiterate @Shilfiell's message: we would like to know if this is Actually being addressed at the moment.

  • So according to @NianticThia's thread in General, this is expected behavior from the Lightship migration. I think. And our portals should show up "soon" since we've now fully transitioned over and they're actively backfilling changes now. The dump of garbage wayspots happened in May for Pokemon Go, and yesterday for Ingress: with luck, they'll be caught up to August soon. It still boggles my mind that such a busy, heavily commented bug report thread has not had a direct official response yet, when a simple status report would have soothed our frazzled nerves - but I remain optimistic that my portal will appear in time.

  • @NianticVK

    Rumbi the Yellow Glarf Statue - 4095 Bonita Rd, Bonita, California 91902, USA

    Millenia Playground - 1902 Millenia Ave., Chula Vista, California 91915, USA

  • apparently i cant post mine because of a bad word that is basically a historical relevant (although the event definitely was not)

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    submission date - approval date - name

    18.06.2020 - 28.07.2021 - H o l o c a u s t Memoriam: Jura Soyfer (bad word with spaces)

    23.07.2021 - 29.07.2021 - Playa de Palma Hotel

    26.06.2021 - 02.08.2021 - Mobilitatspark (note: real name Mobilitätspark)

    17.01.2021 - 06.08.2021 - Blue & Red Face

    30.06.2020 - 13.08.2021 - Riesen Schach am Reumannplatz

    16.05.2021 - 13.08.2021 - Fussballkafig Rudolfshugelgasse (note: real name Fussballkäfig Rudolfshügelgasse)

    04.02.2021 - 17.08.2021 - Robert Stolz Gedenktafel

    22.08.2021 - 26.08.2021 - Station am Schwarzenbergplatz

    25.06.2020 - 26.08.2021 - Fussballkafig & Spielplatz (note: real name Fussballkäfig & Spielplatz)

    04.03.2021 - 31.08.2021 - Kerschbaum Gedenktafel

    how should we get the location?

  • How to get the coordinates?

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    @NianticVK please could you explain how we can obtain the coordinates of the submissions ? We are unable to extract them from the wayfarer website and the submission/approval email misses this information. Thanks in advance

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    "Square René-Louis LAFFORGE"

    Coordinates : around 48.793144704416434, 2.332208901643753 (hopefully we can use some iitc plugins to draw the location...)

  • Portal Name : Arbiya Qasimul Uloom Va Madina Masjid

    Coordinates : 19.0561773, 72.9296346

    Screenshot :

  • Alright then. So far, on my account, I've had these portals not appearing:

    (Not sure if you want the exact coordinates of the nomination, but I'll give you the approximate ones at least. Do you also require pictures?)

    • Canhão do Jardim do Moinho de Vento (41.10382712101378, -8.659463578962272)
    • Sede do Partido Socialista - Vila Nova de Gaia (41.12251051245694, -8.605394939116593)

    Regarding my friend's nominations, can I just say where they are approximately? I'm not sure of the exact names he used but I know where they are approximately.

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    Currently the ones that are missing for me are:

    "Painel Informativo do Percurso do Geossítio de Lavadores - Sul" (41.126209, -8.6670587)

    "Campo de Futebol do Estuário" (41.135898, -8.664715)

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  • THis is the one I am missing:

    MODULES DE JEUX PARC JEAN-LOUIS-DE LA CORNE 45.88453712692858, -73.20752613320654

    Approval date:

    Jun 28, 2021

  • These 3 nominations are still missing for me:

    Das Backhaus Murr - location (approximately): 48.96368847258362, 9.262091591781397 (approved on Aug 5th)

    Fernweh-Mosaik - location (approximately): 49.80927678947601, 8.467081902174293 (approved on Aug 11th)

    Hölderlin-Apotheke - location (approximately):49.000156892906595, 9.206490366080592 (approved on Aug 20th)

  • I Miss this accepted nomination:

    Frauen Statue auf dem Schillerplatz

    Location (approximately): 48.945307, 9.430760

    Approved Date: 29th of July 2021

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    Nomination submitted 2020-07-23 via Prime. Accepted 2021-08-04 (without upgrade no less).

    Missing in Ingress. Live in Pogo.

    Aprox: 59.2172182, 17.7053911

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  • I Miss this accepted nomination:

    Mural Chica Mil-leni

    Nomination submitted 2021-08-16 via Prime

    Location (approximately): 39.40512423317257, -0.4108679884977732

    Approved Date: 2021-08-26

    The POI is missing in Ingress, PoGo and HP. But in Ingress the distance it's admissible.

    You can see in the picture the intel map @NianticVK

  • 1420 Lakeshore Dr, Hot Springs, AR 71913, USA

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