'Hole' in the scanner map, portal missing

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I'm seeing something odd in game, two days ago while walking I noticed a portal that has been in the game for about seven years was missing from the scanner. I then noticed that the -roads- were also missing.

The roads show in the intel map, but the portal is missing there too.

up until last night, I still had keys for this portal, which showed 'scanner error' when I tried to view them, but still had the photo etc. As of today, they are gone from my inventory.

The portal is a small clock tower with pedestrian access, not on a house etc, so I wouldn't have thought it would have been intentionally removed. But the 'hole' in the map makes me think it's a server issue ?


Interl map, showing where the portal was - its also step two in a mission I created

In game image showing the roads also missing:

in game mission view, showing the mission now only has five steps:

Is this a server burp? or something else?

edit, addtional info:

streetview of the clock:

gmaps address: 1 The Triangle, Clevedon BS21 6NB


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  • Looks like just a normal portal removed to me.

    Submit it again.

  • I'll resubmit in the next hour, but why are the roads also missing from the scanner, and only in that area?

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    Have you checked to see if the clock tower exists in the Other Niantic Games as there's been rumblings about portals appearing in those other games when submitted but not in Ingress or Intel Map but as of yet we've had no official confirmation as to what's happening & this could also tie in with your server burp theory or like @MatiasM20 said it could be someone whose requested it's removal so try a re-submit.

    Just check to see if it's on the other game maps before resubmitting or see if @NianticVK Can Investigate.

    On a lighter note Im sure I've been to that location pre-ingress with work as it looks so familiar to me.

  • it's been in the game about seven years, I'll check PG later when I'm grabbing some lunch :) But I think it's just been removed for some reason, quite a few portals in this area have been disapearing lately, and I have no idea why. I've re submitted it anyway.

    The 'hole' in the map seems to be a separate issue, there is another area nearby where the roads are not visible in the scanner as well, it's like theres no data, but it's always the exact same two areas, and I see the issue no matter where I am, on data and different WiFi networks, by looking at a key in that area.

    maybe it'll just fix itself :)

  • Just remember to eat and not catch any of those small creatures floating around at lunch as I know how distracting they can be.

    On the map data though It depends who niantic are using for mapping these days as far as I can tell it was always Google then I heard OpenStreetMap was being used which is community driven,unless they have switched back to Google or another provider I'm not sure.

    Hopefully one of the team can confirm this @NianticBrian @NianticOfficial

  • it's not like it's an out of the way place :)

    I've done a side by side, to more clearly show the 'hole'

    left is intel, showing the b3133 going round to the right, the right hand side is portal view to a portal in that area, showing there is what looks like a circle of map punched out, the road does not link up, and the side streets are cut off too.

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