Update on Portal Nominations, Edits, and Photo Submissions



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    Ой, привет Максимка, очень странно тебя тут видеть, особенно с учетом того, что твоя домашка все равно выглядит хуже, чем весь этот шлак из Форсквера https://intel.ingress.com/?pll=55.697266,37.808024

    Ну и конечно же, раз уж пришел, отмечу удивительную вашу способность нести ссоры и оскорбления всюду, где вы появляетесь. В принципе, что еще можно ждать от человека, который использует мусорки в качестве опорников и искренни негодует, почему же это удалили: https://community.wayfarer.nianticlabs.com/discussion/comment/90517#Comment_90517

    За этим быстро откланиваюсь, ибо у меня нет вообще никакого желания с тобой общаться, особенно здесь. И очень надеюсь, что это взаимно.

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    its still not answered why submitted poi from ingress dont appear for those unlucky if its not the 20m rule, then what is ? roll of dice ? it should say in scanner when u submit then so ppl will not be dissapointed after they got a brand new pokestop but no portal in ingress.

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    That’s a lot to digest. So in future will all acceptance/reject emails come from “Niantic Lightship” and use whatever name we have specified as the one to show on Niantic Social?

    Additionally, Catan does a thing each season where it swaps around what Waypoints show up, which keeps the game board fresh. Pokémon GO also has seasons now and we have cycles and checkpoints for Cell Scores. Is it possible to “shake up” the board for other titles like Catan does? Would cease some perma fields and give Agents new portals to explore as they switch around which ones are pulled from Lightship.

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    @NianticThia a little more clarification on, ingress portal network using lightship.

    Does that mean that Ingress server side is now entirely using Lightship servers, as opposed to the (newish) google server?

  • These statements arent really clearing things up.

    1) Can you just confirm that when you get the "wayspot accepted email", that this wayspot will appear in Ingress (sooner or later)?

    Everything else would be a massive change. Also it would lead to ingress players incorrectly nominating Wayspots that already exist. And the intel map wouldnt be as useful as it was.

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