Linked accounts.

Good afternoon, Brian. @NianticBrian I have been writing about this and this problem for a very long time.

Old one:

Old two:

Good day. Today a message from Brian appeared on the forum, finally the solution to my problem is close, I hope everything is fine, except for one thing, I see that NIA understood the essence of the problem, I was only embarrassed that Niantic account 1 did not specify an HPWU account my 58 level, but it should be, it is on the same login method via Facebook with my email f******* I do not want to suddenly lose the account that has been pumping so much time. Thank you.

And three my games on high level sign in with Facebook on gmail f*******

But my Wayfarer account sign in with with f******


Because of this, I have a problem, from the very beginning of the appearance of the Wayfarer medal in PoGo, I cannot get it even when I have a rating of Good or higher🤷🤦😢




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