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  • getengeten ✭✭✭

    Wow, stopped playing before 16 UTC to avoid the badge, after 16 UTC my event AP is 20k... seems like they started the count before the event started..

    Also, it really is about time for opt in/opt out for events, so people who don't want to get the badge for whatever reason don't have to stop playing during the whole event

  • ikaros02ikaros02 ✭✭✭✭

    You can still plan for the Optima Kinetic Capsule Challenge part 2 next month!

  • I already like this event. 15 minute drone cool downs are great, ever since Cassandra Neutralizer I’ve loved being able to earn an extra medal on the scanner that’s not part of the core medals. Looking forward to getting gold and the rest of the events in the near future! 😌

  • Simply awsm <3 let's have it

  • Sad time to do this challenge; we are in lock down. Not a fan of pay to play to achieve medals. NIA are gradually their player base...crazy..

  • We are in a complete lockdown starting from yesterday. Only way to earn AP is from recharging and drone gryphs. Please consider.

  • starwortstarwort ✭✭✭✭✭

    There's an interesting quirk that gives an insight as to how this was implemented on the back end. The 888 points are in fact awarded for taking an action which puts a purple ring round a portal that didn't previously have one, while viewing the 'Visited' layer on the scanner. This should be the same as the above (interactions that increase your Explorer), but in practice it isn't exactly the same because of those rare portals for which the history data backfill failed as described by ofer2 in this post: .

    So yesterday I got 888 points for capturing a portal that I have definitely captured before but which didn't have a ring around it - but it did not increase the Explorer stat.

  • I think this is a good suggestion, I am also from #SriLanka and we have strict travel restrictions imposed by the government which directly overlaps with the days of the event. It would be great if you could also reconsider extending the end date so that we would have a better chance of at least unlocking the medal. This is on top of the request made by @Merlin9

  • Simply because I (and many other players) don't "collect" event badges. That's all. Why is this important to you? You just don't care why that is :-) For years it has been a wish of many players to have events or badges with an opt-in / opt-out. It's easy to do.

    Ingress isn't a badge collecting game.

  • sobaakensobaaken ✭✭
    edited August 2021

    Hey guys, important question for me! I'd like to visit several new cities in this month and collect some uniques, but I don't want to participate in the challenge and get this badge. Is there any possibility to avoid it? @NianticThia @NianticAndres

  • I can't speak for everyone, but I'll try to answer for myself. I was a sick badge collector back to 2015-2017, and I quit when white character badges started to appear. In my opinion, Ingress designers moved away from style they have chosen for the game (compare game actions badges like Mind Controller or Explorer and new event badges), which make profiles look like one big mess. Yes, it just doesn't satisfy me aesthetically. Meanwhile, I still want to play my Ingress - visit new places, collect unique portals, beautiful banners, maybe even OMG OPSEC, you know :) But now I should travel without scanner for a week, because you cannot refuse the conditions of the event, and there is still no functionality for hiding badges (which, if my memory serves me, was discussed about years ago).

    Don't forget: it's all personal how are you playing Ingress.

  • jjavierjjavier ✭✭✭

    I just got an strange idea.. using kinetic capsule to be able to get a ticket (like a media). every one who has that ticket in inventory will participate in current event. As other media, that ticket can be destroyed or dropped, leaving that event (you can join later if you want). When the time is over, it will be a souvenir stored like other media.

    I think that couldn't be difficult to develop.

    KC and Drone can be improved to get a richer game.

  • I don't see the point of the drones having lowered cool down time as they do nothing for the event as far as points.

    And as far as the "Media" is it just the 5 pages?

  • jjavierjjavier ✭✭✭
    edited August 2021

    lot of points if you glyph, and useful to get the stuff needed for building or destroying when you get out home.

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    they can help those that live in lockdown areas get some extra points unlock atleast the badge.

  • GhostFreak666GhostFreak666 ✭✭✭
    edited August 2021

    "+888 AP for All-Time Unique Portal Visits" I think this additional is very horrible because can get if you never visit the portal (new portal), we have pandemic situation now and you think this interesting additional bonus?

  • GhostFreak666GhostFreak666 ✭✭✭
    edited August 2021

    im have got the gold medal to in 3 days just capture, put the mod, make link and field is easy ( and very easy if you use flip strategy just using 42 portal, 40 portal in one line and minimum 2 agents for SBUL mod dont forget APEX). I just don't like the additional bonus for this situation because base on unique visit , i think about other agents who are having lockdown situation why additional bonus not like casandra neutralizer. That's maybe will be very helpful. I know is not same everywhere, i just thinking about another agents who have lockdown situation.

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  • The intro says:

    "8 Apex Event Bundle (8,000 CMU, limit 1 per Agent)"

    But that's not the case.

    They are not there at that price now.

    (And, no, I have not bought them already).

  • GobiasGobias ✭✭✭

    @bobelbritanico , for me I still have the usual "8 Apex" for 15,000 CMU under "Temporary Boosts", but there is also a separate "8 Apex Courier Bundle" in the "Featured Items" section (along with Battle Beacon, Hyperion Medal etc.) which costs 8,000 CMU.

    Is it different for you?

  • Please, please, please extend this event (like, a lot) or do it again (like Optima) when travel is more possible for everybody. Folks in some countries can't even go out of their neighborhoods and even homes and can only drone-hack and recharge to get AP 😭😭😭 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    thanks for a fun event finally done.

  • I would personally prefer it if the medal names would be not contain the entire challenge name.

    Why don't just call the medal "Courier Challenge medal" as advertised in the Scanner's News section instead of "Courier Meet You Out There Challenge medal"?

    PS: Especially since "Courier Challenge" would fit into the 'Medal Earned'-box while "Courier Meet You Out There Challenge" evidently doesn't as shown above. 😉

  • Ah yes .

    Sorry, my brain wasn't working.

    Thanks for taking the time to reply.

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