Approved Portals not showing on Map/no key in inventory



  • So far i assume the same thing. Upgrade goes live when approved. Normal approval goes not live.

  • can't confirm that --> within the last 48hrs i got 3 portals accepted without upgrades

    and it seems to me that the distance to the next portal is not the only criteria for "accaptance-but-no-portal" as one of the accepted portals is only 31m away to the next portal

    but 4 other submissions - which got accepted - resulted in no portals (no key + not shown @ iitc) even though the distance to the next portal was 30-300m away.

  • Exact same thing happened to me and i thought that i was the only... 3 portals approved, 2 without upgrade (did not appear) and 1 with upgrade (appeared) Please @NianticBC fix that BUG, because it is clearly a bug, same rules for acceptance to every game as you clearly pointed at Wayfarer, thanks

  • The only thing that i can think of is trying to move that Pokestop to another location or cell , maybe that way will appear the portal, let's hope....

  • I finally got one of these missing portals.....over 250m to nearest POI, not an upgrade but I have one additional bit of info. The nomination did not show in Wayfarer until it was accepted so I had already resubmitted.....this will likely be duped.

  • Two more to report: showing submission date, date of acceptance email, live pokestop, gps coordinates from map link from pokestop, ingress game shot showing where portal should be, and pokemon go game showing where the pokestop is

    I am certain something happening to push these through voting without an upgrade is causing the issue.

  • Hello! I am an Ingress player, i also have the same problem, one of my nominations was approved on 08/16/21 and they didn't give me the portal key, it doesn't appear in the game and neither in the intel map.

  • Hi! It's me again, I wanted to add to my previous comment that another of my nominations was approved yesterday (08/21/2021) and it went well. I was given the key to the portal and it appeared in both Ingress and the intel map.

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    No dont move portals without valid reason, this is abuse to the portal network.

  • edited August 2021

    We all know that, I think ESPPastt is referring to trying to move the pokestop to another site to see if the portal appears and then put the pokestop back in its place of origin.

    We do not want to abuse the portal network, it would be just a solution on the part of the people, if the Niantic Team cannot solve this bug.

    Clearly considering that we are going to wait a while for the Niantic Team to give us an answer to this bug that is happening.

    People obviously want to know what is going on and, if it is going to be fixed, by when.

  • Not my experience with this two portals approved and live at the same moment at ingress, one as upgrade and the other normal.

    Sharing this just as information, still there is something broken that some portals aren't appearing at ingress.

  • And this just posted, apparently there was a fix, don't know if is an overall wayfarer fix, or just pogo...

  • KhatreKhatre ✭✭✭✭✭

    Again 2 poi not upgraded got accepted but no ap no key no discovery.

    It's a bit far to check in pogo I'll check when i pass by.

    It's frustrating. 😔

  • Will we be getting our keys and portal counts eventually from the ones approved but currently bugged? I had one approved that's 40 m from the nearest portal. I'd like the key as a souvenir, if that's possible. It was the nicest picture for a portal of the bunch I submitted.

    I went out there to blow up my 3 year old portals. I had to fix the color. It only took about 8-9 months after flipping for me to get off my lazy behind to do it. For your amusement, here's the toast beacon and fireworks on the portals I was fixing.

  • KhatreKhatre ✭✭✭✭✭

    There's definitively something wrong with sync in ingress.

    Now some removed / invalid poi aren't removed when report is approved.

  • Another approval in under 1 week without upgrade (a surprise by all means) again not live.

  • And just got another approval that is not live.

    Makes 2 today.....

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    but it says tho in the email not all portals submitted will go live to ingress ? so if this is a feature its normal then ?

  • Then we need further info to prevent that from happening and withdraw every submissions that wont go live. No need to submit something without it resulting in a portal when approved

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    i agree its just confusing as it is now, seems more like roll of dice.

  • I just got an portal approved after a long time and also did not key a key for it. Enough space around it to not be blocked by other portals

  • Same Bug here. Acceptet Wayspot in PokemonGo but not in Ingress.

    @Niantic: Give us help or Informationen!

  • Have come here from wayfarer as it seems the main change is in Ingress. Please forgive any clumsiness and length of my first posting.

    There is clearly a new set of checks in place.

    I think that the approved new POI goes live in the new Wayfarer database. It could be that even the 20 m rule is not applied as to whether this enters the database as this would give Niantic a bigger database to play with.

    When the info gets pulled to Ingress there is the well known 20m check. From the wording in the email and in other feedback/comments in the wayfarer forum and in this thread some other new rules appear to happening. It could be a bug but there has been no one from Niantic that I have seen saying it’s a bug. Because Niantic always refuse to talk about the existence of rules I think that explains the silence best.

    Wayfarer refuses to engage as their involvement ended when the point entered their database.

    Essentially it is up to us to figure it out.

    So here is my experience for the 3 I have had approved during this period.

    All 3 have appeared in Pokémon Go

    Setting is urban area in UK where nothing has reached agreement without upgrade for around 18 months

    POI 1 - only in PoGo all 8 adjoining L17 empty, Level 14 cell before this point at 12 POI, adjoining Level 14 - 2 have 20+, the other 6 are some way way from 20, including 1 cell that has just 1.

    It was what I would consider a 3* nomination submitted last May that had been in voting fo a long time, an ex pub with local historical significance. No upgrade applied.

    POI 2 - only in PoGo 6 empty adjoining L17 empty, 2 filled cells but the POI are almost as far they can be from the new POI. Level 14 cell at 13 POI, 3 adjoining 20+ cells, The other 5 are over 10+

    it is a piece of street art of a face. So quite subjective, It was only submitted a few months ago and I was happy to let it take its time. I did not upgrade, I know I had been checking through the previous day and it was at in queue status. I was really surprised the next evening to find it live in PoGo. Something very odd.

    POI 3 - in both Ingress and PoGo. 7 empty adjoining L17 cells, not near the POI in the filled cell. The level 14 cell has 10 POI, 6 of the adjacent Level 14 are empty, the other 2 have 5 and 1.

    it is a good wildlife information board so I considered it a 5* nomination, and applied an upgrade which was quickly approved.

    I don’t think it’s random as text refers to extra checks.

    Niantic does love its S2 cells which is why I have provided that info. Perhaps Ingress doesn’t want a high density 🤷‍♀️

    Perhaps it’s about type and “quality” We now have to categorise so perhaps an algorithm that prevents too many of the same category near each other ???? Could this be done as an automatic process. My POI 3 has several other nearby info boards but maybe it is seen as an automatic anyway.

    Perhaps based on voting points and category some do go to a human for a quick review to decide if it is the sort of point they want in Ingress POI1 and 2 are both quite subjective as to their value.

    Just throwing out ideas as I am at loss as to what is going on and frustrated by the wall of silence.

  • Perhaps based on voting points and category some do go to a human for a quick review to decide if it is the sort of point they want in Ingress POI1 and 2 are both quite subjective as to their value.

    I hope not! With Upgraded candidates going through just fine, that puts Ingress players in the position of having to wait to get 100 agreements, or wait til their submission goes through without those upgrades and then wait some more until someone we don't know about applies rules we don't know about so that our poor nomination, so long live in other games, will go live in a time we don't know about. Soonish, maybe. It's punitive and distressing.

  • Is the difference the Upgrade tag?

    Has anyone had this non-appearance happen with an upgraded nomination?

    In theory the upgrade tag should only be on a nomination within the wayfarer system and it should be gone once it is approved and enters the wayfarer database.

    There clearly wasn’t an issue / difference previously between upgraded and non upgraded.

    Given Niantic’s programming track record it is far from impossible.

  • A post by Niantic in the wayfarer forum states that disappeared nominations happen when they are taken by Niantic for review. Sorry can’t post the link.

    Of course the should tell us this is what has happened.

  • I believe my missing portal was never missing from Wayfarer and did not go into a manual review queue. They should let us know what's happening with valid waypoints that get accepted normally and then never appeared in Ingress but did appear in Pokemon Go. So far, I've heard nothing but "soon".

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