Omnilytics Reports and Redacted Transcripts

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Since the 1218 Murders have been brought up in Investigations i figured i would grab what i could of the information we still had on the transcripts from the actual reports. Sadly because the original files were shared on G+ and Investigate Ingress, not all of the original pictures can be found. I was able to get all of the transcripts, including all 9 parts of the Redacted Reports, from the update emails from investigate ingress and because i did the Omnilytics questionnaire. Because of the length of the text i decided to put this all in a document that you can look at.

These murders were unsolved and an unredacted report was never given to us. I wonder now, that we are in Prime, if some of these redacted parts make better sense now. I figured at least this bit of information could be useful for the new and old agents that are still interested in this investigation and who knows, maybe we will see something soon on it.

Heres a link to what is on Webarchive though sadly it doesnt have the full transcripts

If you have some ideas and want to join in on @Lucoire s look into the suspects heres a link to his post

Note these are just the Omnilytics Reports and not the videos or information on the Deaths of these men. That will be shared in a separate post.


  • I believe the pictures (a copy of originals) can be found at...

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    Thank you! They should also be at the bottom of the document linked in this post. :)

  • This is the part where you clarify the cryptologic's behind you "investigations" when ever ..... "beefs" don't end up decoding other information that isn't a matter of the subject....

    They could use a substitute and roll infinitly on...

  • We came to the point i had my scanner and account erased because of "INT" there is this recording i posted.

    I have witnessed an "XM" encounter after a near-**** experience.

    I saw the bastards nuking.








    You know we might end up "Discouraging" this.. This is a field recording of something disastrous in Al-Anbar, Iraq. This is visible.

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    Hello, Ishira. Good to bring this company up again, as from as early as 29 January to 11 February 2018 we were all working on recovering the gaps in this document using Google Form, but the results were never released.

    I think I can also declassify by now that in those days I assembled my own research team with the aim of recovering the gaps most accurately using not only existing knowledge but also a purely mechanical approach, i.e. counting the number of characters in the gaps, looking out for the tips of letters like "y" or "f", etc. The result was a list of options, many of which were very similar to the truth. Hopefully our answers will help in the recovery of the originals, which without a single doubt exist.

  • There is 'this' possibility of you having "Three blank shots" literally applying to "filling in the blanks". There is this slight chance of you having to evaluate "this".

  • Please don't bother if i may, there is this crucial lack of in-game reference that sparks the question of having 'this' at the moment going nowhere due to a conflux 'insurgence' in new player-base. Google + has been redeemed and with all documentation gone and videos this is not going to provide sufficient base to solve anything or to simply get a 'ley' from any piece of document provided.

    With 'this' with all regards i do not recommend solving passcode's at this moment.

  • IshiraIshira ✭✭✭✭✭

    Thank you for adding to this! I think it's important to go back through this data as it seems soon we may have an answer to what happened.

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