Coming Soon: Courier Meet You Out There Challenge

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From Friday, 20 August at 1600 UTC to Monday, 30 August 1600 UTC,  the following will be enabled for the duration of the event:

  • +888AP for each new All-Time Unique Portal Visit as indicated by the Visited layer on the Layers button 
  • New: Drone cooldown reduced to 15 mins

Agents can earn a tiered medal based on AP earned via normal game activities during the event window. Use the Visited layer to find new unique Portals to visit and claim the bonus AP. A new metric will be activated in your Scanner to track progress.

Bronze: 88,888 AP Earned

Silver: 888,888 AP Earned

Gold: 2,888,888 AP Earned

To help with Agent efforts during this investigation, Apex bundles will be available in the store for the duration of the challenge:

  • 8 Apex Event Bundle (8,000 CMU, limit 1 per Agent)
  • 1 Apex (0 CMU, limit 1 per Agent)

Agents should also be on the lookout for media drops when performing Portal hacks and Drone hacks.

As always, please remember to be aware of your surroundings. We encourage players to follow local health and safety guidelines when playing Ingress. 

— The Ingress Team


After reviewing Agent feedback and having discussions with the team, we've decided to add an extra event bonus to the Courier Challenge. In addition to the +888 AP for All-Time Unique Portal Visits, we will reduce the Drone cooldown to 15 minutes for the duration of the event.

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