[Feature request] Adding description field to an event

Currently, a title is only field an event can have as a text information.

For well known event such Mission Day, First Saturday, just a title might be enough. But, for holding local XF meetup, an oraganizer would want to share more information, such as fee, duration, food menu, purpose of meetup, name of main guest, URL of web page, etc.

So, a description field is needed for an event.



  • JimboMXJimboMX ✭✭✭

    I would name it as "Details"

    But totally agree that this is needed.

    A new agent wouldn't know what is a First Saturday, or a Farm... We need to have a place to explain what the event is about, and with the option of adding links there maybe?

  • Events definitely need a body field to add additional information as a minimum.

    A separate url link would also be good for highlighting registration such as Fevgames for First Saturday.

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