kicking someone out of a group?

Is it possible to remove someone from a chat group, possibly just temporarily? I can see both the benefits and not-so-good reasons for having this ability.

It looks like you can "ban" people, but that might be more severe than what I am thinking of. Back in the good old IRC days, a moderator (normally one of a group of mods) for a "group" could ban someone temporarily for 10 minutes/a day/etc. That was sometimes useful when someone was "drunk chatting" or just being obnoxious but not so bad that they should be kicked completely from the community.

Similarly, is there a way to share moderation of a group/event (assuming that there is some sort of removal opportunity available)?


  • AzhreiaAzhreia ✭✭✭✭✭

    The group owner can assign admins. Moderation options are limited though.

  • @JenTil Could you walk me through temporary bans vs muting the person in the group?

  • I feel like there are so many good questions around moderation and privacy settings, especially with people coming from so many different chat services. I'm excited for the potential for this to feature all of the best parts of people's favorite aspects from all of them.

    I'm looking forward to hearing input from @JenTil on things like this! She's so knowledgeable from being an og gamer and modding across all different kinds of platforms outside of the community she runs for ingress locally.

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    I tried with a group member yesterday. Banned him from a closed group. He got a notification that he was banned. After in banned, he out from the group automatically. But he can return using the same code again. Lesson learn is don't unbanned.;)

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